Can’t A Person Be Active In Church And Still Be A Homosexual In Peace? The Case Of Franky Kuri

By now it is no news that Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng aka Ebony Reigns perished in a gruesome car accident in the company of a young lady alleged to be her lesbian partner. The lady in question, Francisca Maame Yaa Teboa Nkansah, aka Franky Kuri, who hitherto was unknown to many Ghanaians has suddenly become a topic for discussion amongst Ghanaians.

A well-established fact about her seems to be her sexuality, especially after a video of her kissing another girl alleged to be Ebony was widely circulated on social media after their demise. There are some who believe that circulating such a video and revealing her sexuality is a slight to her memory and unfair to her family.

However, the truth is the truth. Dying does not suddenly make a person who they were not. Franky Kuri was a lesbian, and Ghanaians will be offended by this statement because the word “lesbian” or “gay” is somewhat of a taboo and referring to someone as such constitutes slander and disrespect.

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In a laughable attempt at what we’ll call “damage control”, some rather well-meaning friends of hers have come out to say that 27-year-old Franky was very active in church and sometimes used to lead praise and worship. She used to participate in church activities, and so what? Does that make her any less of the lesbian she was? Can’t someone be a lesbian and still love God enough to grace his house with her presence?

Many are of the opinion that the same God Franky served was unmerciful enough to have a hand in the accident that killed her and her partner because he hates lesbians. This is implying that as long as one is into the practice of homosexuality they are automatically agents of Satan and can’t possibly be devout Christians. That is rather preposterous.

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God loves everyone who loves him, no matter how “sinful” they might be to humans. He knows them and he knows their hearts. The fact that they have been condemned in the sight of men does not mean they have been condemned in the sight of God.

And in any case, what is the great crime here? Love for another person? God is love. And if he’s going to kill innocent girls for being in love, then he has a lot of questions to answer.