Afia Shwarzeneger Is A Wee-Smoking Demon – Kumacha Floors Afia In Heated Interview

It is no secret that there is not a single grain of love lost between Television personality/Comedian Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa popularly known as Afia Schwarzenegger and Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known as Kumchacha. A video posted on social media shows the two in at the vulgar best and hurling insults at each other, almost resulting in fisticuffs if not for the intervention of those in the vicinity. 
According to sources, Afia Schwarzenegger banged into Kasapa Fm’s studio when she heard Kumchacha claiming that he had given spiritual directions to a Patapaa. According to Afia, Kumchacha is not a prophet fit to give spiritual directions. This did not go down well with Prophet Kumchacha which ended up in a heated argument. Kumchacha was a guest on the “Aben wo ha” on Kasapa Fm hosted by Gideon Okyere Anim (Gatusso).
Kumchacha claims Afia is pained because he didn’t take her side when her marriage scandal and nude tape leaked late last year. Afia retorted by saying Kumchacha is irrelevant to her and she’d rather take Prophet Opambuor’s prophecies over his, asking him to shut up. After Kumchacha said he wanted to help One Corner one-hit wonder Patapaa with his spiritual issues, Afia angrily asked him to help himself first.
After shamelessly verbally abusing each other, Afia stormed out of the studio into the street but Kumchacha was sturdy on her heels calling her names. He described her as a dirty-faced demon whose excessive alcohol intake and weed smoking caused her to lose jobs and get sacked everywhere she went. Unphased, Afia, in turn, called him a foolish animal who couldn’t afford to build a church but chose to interfere in matters that are none of his business.
The unfortunate incident attracted a small crowd who were only too happy to take videos of the two popular personalities dirtying themselves in public in such a manner. Below is the video, watch for full details of the incident.

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