Celly Writes: My Shocking Interview With A Transgender, the Backlash And the Hypocrisy of Ghanaians

Celly, INSIDE OUT Host

In Ghana, it is almost a taboo to openly come out and say you’re gay or lesbian so imagine my shock when I discovered there is a real-life transgender living right here in Ghana and had agreed to grant me an interview.

When I said during the interview that “I am a real woman” I was only letting people know I had not done anything to myself and I was in no way promoting LGBT and that I was just doing my job.

Knowing how judgmental our people get and how quick they are to stereotype people I felt the need to make that distinction.

All I was seeking to do was to let Ghanaians know I’d discovered that we had this unique individual amongst us and wanted people to get to know him/her. I had / have nothing against the LGBT community, my very good friend is gay and I am totally comfortable being around LGBT.

What I did not understand and could not come to terms with is the way my guest had bleached. How do you do that to yourself, I wondered.

The whole time during the interview, I kept asking myself what will make a person dislike themselves so much that they have the need to “erase” their skin that much… but that’s a topic for another discussion on a different day.

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I am so happy people and most Ghanaians for that matter are coming out to condemn my “judgmental attitude” towards my guest.

What that tells me is that Ghanaians DO NOT have any problem with LGBT people living amongst them and our President was on point when he said “it is only a matter of time before we have that conversation.“

Something surprising though. The majority of the people who called me after they watched the interview asked: “How in God’s name could you sit with that person?” And others came out and call me judgmental…. talk about being two-faced and hypocritical.

I hope everyone heard Ms. Broni loud and clear when she said “People called me names like gay, Kojo besia and all other stuff when I was a man”

You know what that tells me? The Ghanaian coming out to point fingers at me and call me names is the very Ghanaian who bullied Ms. Broni so much that she was forced to risk her life, to fly all the way to Spain to undergo surgery.

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Stop the bullying and let people live their lives in peace!

The next time I see online or hear a Ghanaian living in Ghana talk negative about LGBT people I will call you out and tell you what a damn hypocrite you are and how you should get a freaking life and leave the people to live in peace!

Nobody has the right to stop anyone from being who they are. If you cannot deal with them maybe you should move. That foolish stance that we are a religious country and cannot have “these people “ bring filth and curses unto us should stop already. You think because you go to church you’re better than anyone? News flash; you’re not.

Stop the hypocrisy! Stop passing Judgments! And most importantly, stop the stereotyping and allow people to live in peace.

And oh… just to remind you, I am a woman. A real woman. I was born a woman. I have not done anything to myself.

By: Celly Ugomma Adadevoh, host of INSIDE OUT for BrutallyUncensored.Com