Britain’s Top TV Relationship Problem Solver-Jeremy Kyle Splits from His Wife | the Irony is in the Title…

Jeremy Kyle1

Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle is Britain’s top on-screen relationship problem fixer—he uses his self-named ITV talk show to fix the relationships of strangers and yet, his relationship has just gone down the gutter, seemingly without a touch of his magic fix.

UK’s MailOnline has reported that; “Controversial presenter Jeremy Kyle has split from his model wife, just months after moaning on television that they had not had sex for ages.”

Kyle, 49, is watched by millions of Brits—with compassion mixed with aggression and a repeat of his condescending style, he has become a top relationship problem solver.

You wouldn’t be wrong to call him some sort of a relationship expert and if so, his expertise cuts across a wide area. On his show, he fixes almost everything, ranging from parent-child relationships to boyfriend/girlfriend headaches.

His approach seems to work; at least that is what the TV tells us but the irony lies in the fact that this same man with an enviable magic touch on people’s relationships could not fix his own marriage. And let me mention that this is his second marriage.

On TV, Kyle seems to be the man to go to—he has a pocket full of tricks and hard talks but from this split, you wouldn’t be fully out of place to assume his tricks lack the touch of reality. Perhaps, he does not take his own advice…

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Jeremy Kyle must have known this was coming because he made a frank admission in June that he had not had any sex with his wife for a long time—and to every reasonable person, that’s just saying my relationship is about to end.

Jeremy Kyle and Carla

Jeremy Kyle and Carla

It appears Kyle is a TV hero who gives a lot of attention to the relationship of strangers but not his.

Many of us are good at dishing out advice to others which sometimes work for them but mostly, we do not take our own advice—that’s something Kyle must have been doing, considering this split.

Jeremy Kyle and Carla Germaine met when Carla who was then a 23-year-old model entered a competition ‘Two Strangers And A Wedding’ organised by the BRMB radio station in Birmingham where Kyle was working at the time. Per the competition, Carla was to marry a total stranger- Greg Cordell chosen by the station, which she did.

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The marriage ended in just 3 months and that’s when Jeremy Kyle started dating Carla. The two have been married for 13 years and they have three children together.