Yvonne Okoro Says She Wants A Man With Good Heart–And Not A Handsome Man, Whatever That Means

Yvonne Okoro

A man with a good heart; that can mean a lot of things.

In the world of Ghanaian celebrities, this probably means a man who would finance a lifestyle these celebrities desperately want but cannot afford.

Actress Yvonne Okoro, 33, in reply to a fan who said he was praying for God to give her a handsome husband to marry said, she’s not into handsome men.

But that does not mean, she wants ugly men either–she wants something ambiguous; good heart.

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She wrote: “Thank you, darling. But I don’t like handsome men..look is the last thing I look at..He has to have a HEART and a SOUL.”

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Whatever a good heart means, Yvonne Okoro us unmarried–an indication that she’s not found it yet.