Why Saudi Arabia’s Offer to Build 200 Mosques in Germany for the Syrian Refugees is Utterly Outrageous

Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees

Considering the increasing human rights violations in Saudi Arabia and the existing autocracy which grants the Kingdom the power to subject its citizens to barbaric and inhumane punishments such as stoning, flogging and limb mutiliation—the West should not even be doing business with them, but oil rules…

Despite its inexcusable position on the human rights’ ladder and having done literally nothing to take in any of the many Syrian refugees in search for a new home, Saudi Arabia is reported to have offered to build about 200 mosques in Germany to serve as a place of worship for the refugees who have made it to Germany.

Perhaps, worshipping comes first before human lives to Saudi—as if anyone who is not alive will have any need for a mosque. Richard Dawkins was right when he branded the offer “sick insult”.

Apart from the fact that the Kingdom with all its riches and Muslim population has not opened its doors to the fleeing Syrian refugees who are compelled to take refuge in countries like Germany when they could have properly settled in Saudi Arabia where there isn’t much difference in culture and religion, Saudi Arabia seems to think that, the only better way it can contribute to the crisis is by erecting 200 mosques in Germany.

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And we’ve not even looked at the fact that Saudi Arabia in itself is creating a similar refugee crisis in Yemen. Yet, it’s making an unnecessary offer as though it cares about the plight of refugees.

The German politicians are not buying into the offer—with Andrea Scheuer, General Secretary of the CSU party in Bavaria which is Chancellor-Angela Merkel’s ally calling the offer ‘cynical’. He is reported to have said that ‘No, it is more than cynical. This is no Muslim Brotherhood. Where is the solidarity in the Arab world?”

The Arab world has obviously neglected their own people in such time of need and through the backdoor, Saudi is putting itself forward as though it cares—offering to carter for the spiritual needs of these refugees when it can carter for both their physical and spiritual needs by easily taking them in. That’s what a caring brother or sister will do.

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This is the same Saudi Arabia which has been finger-pointed as a high ISIS financier, the terrorist group largely responsible for the Syrian refugee crisis.

Once again, Dawkins was spot on when he tweeted in relation to the 200 mosques offer; “I once interviewed a Christian monk for TV, who said he spent much time helping the poor. Impressed, I asked him how. “By PRAYING for them”!

According to the Lebanese newspaper al diyar which says the offer was made through diplomatic channels, the mosque construction programme for the refugees in Germany was the idea of the absolutist Saudi monarch King Salman.

The report adds that, King Salman has no problem with stretching his hands to help from afar but he is deeply scared about opening his gates for the Syrian refugees—for the fear that these refugees would import a form of political dissent that would threaten the autocracy of Kingdom.

The Saudi’s offer comes off the back of the fact that Germany is expected to take at least 800,000 Syrian asylum seekers this year, a figure which could go up to about 1 million.


manassehatsu says:

NATO should just commandeer a piece of Saudi Arabia and Turkey and settle the refugees back there. It is that simple. Keep them in camps until they are ready to be shipped back to the new settlements. Europeans should not dilute their cultures any further to accommodate people who have no intention of adding but rather reduce its culture. I am for sending them back to the middle east. The rest of Europe should not become like Bradford, leiceister or Bethnal green where these thugs have set up shops.