Kenyan University Conducts Terrorism “Drill”; Predictably Causes Panic

kenya drill

Everyone is predictably on high alert since the Paris incident. But it seems one university may have gone a bit far in trying to prepare for the worst.

On Monday, security officials at Strathmore university conducted a drill to test the terrorism preparedness at the university. Students were NOT informed of this kind of drill to be conducted at any point on campus.

Apparently, gunshots were fired by security personnel during the drill and it was unknown if it was live ammunition. These shots caused panic and resulted in students scrambling for safety including climbing out of windows of university buildings. A staff member was unfortunately killed after suffering severe head injuries from the mad rush of students for safety.

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Many students were NOT happy and took to twitter to voice their displeasure.

I have heard of fire drills and other safety drills but never a drill which involved the firing of gunshots, whether live or dummy.

I understand Kenyan officials wanting to be prepared for any attacks but this might have been taken a little too far. Kenya has suffered several attacks from Al-Shabab and it’s understandable that security has to be tight but when you start causing panic on your own people, it’s not a good look.

Someone definitely has to be reprimanded for this incident.