But Is It Your Anus Being Chopped? Question For Bukom Banku

Braimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku, the self-proclaimed African Mayweather, recently gathered a bunch of aimless youth and paraded around town, declaring “war” on homosexuals.

In a video circulating on social media, the boxer is seen asking homosexuals to stop having anal sex with their fellow men. He expressed his confusion as to why men will choose to f**k another man in the ass when there are pussies as cheap as 2gh cedis waiting to be patronised.

It is obvious this guy has way too much time on his hands. After his recent heavy defeat in a bout with Samir Bastir, you’d think he would be actively training in order not to suffer such embarrassment in his next fight.Instead, he chooses to “fight” homosexuals, whose antics in the bedroom don’t concern him in any way. Is this a case of idleness or misplaced priorities? Perhaps a cry for attention?

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The average Ghanaian is a homophobe. Every now and then when the issue of homosexuality comes up people go all up in arms, threatening to kill and maim anyone involved in the act. And that’s because we are a bunch of hypocrites.

You’d find a lot of Ghanaian heterosexual (supposedly) males begging women for anal sex. But they are the first to bash homosexuals for having the same anal sex.

Sometimes I wonder why we are so obsessed with gay people. We are not in the business of minding our own business. We do worse things in the cover of darkness and come out to bash others for their own “sins”.

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The question I always ask people like Bukom Banku and his gang of homophobes is, “but is it your anus?”