Allow Your Wives To Beat You If You Want A Peaceful Home – Abena Duruwaa Mensah Advises Men


In this day and age where some women are fighting for a level ground to participate in society with men, others just want to be able to physically abuse their husbands and get away with it. Irrespective of gender, violence is wrong and should not be resorted to as a means of conflict resolution. However, there are some who are of the belief that women should be allowed to slap men but men shouldn’t retaliate so there will be peace.

Vice Chairperson of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Gender, Mrs. Abena Duruwaa Mensah has advised men to keep calm and suffer when their women physically abuse them. Defending her statement, she described women as weaker vessels who happen to be quick-tempered and prone to resort to fisticuffs so men should be understanding and not retaliate anytime women initiate physical assault on them.

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She advised men to report abusive women and spouses to the appropriate authorities like DOVVSU instead of beating them back. This, she assured, will ensure peace in the home at all times. She shared these rather interesting views at a women’s empowerment program held in Assin Fosu as part of this year’s International Women’s Day celebration.

Mrs. Abena Duruwaa Mensah, however, advised women to give their husbands the necessary respect in order for peace and love to reign in their homes.

It is appalling that a Member of Parliament can so blatantly advocate for violence against men. Not all men are physically stronger than women and some have been known to be hospitalized after severe beatings at the hands of their spouses. Mostly out of shame for getting beaten by a woman, these men fail to report these cases and have to endure violence every day in silence.

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What is wrong is wrong, no excuses. This Honorable MP should never again be given any platform to speak on gender issues. We have enough problems without having to deal with ninja women because of such justifications.