A Young Female Nigerian Asks: Why Did GOD Allow My Younger Sister to Die in Pains Despite All the Family Prayers And Fasting–So Now I Only Go to Church to Meet Guys + My Thoughts

The ontological questions/arguments as to the existence of a God or the otherwise predates all of us and we will leave the world still unable to provide a concrete answer to many–while if we are smart, formulate new ones.

Every reasonable religious people will concede that the enviable attributes or characters given to God and how He/She “acts”, that’s if you believe He/She is up there widely contradict each other.

On one hand, we are told that God is loving–and by loving, I doubt we are talking about any sort of loving apart from our ordinary understanding of love. Yet, what we see around us happening is not that which ought to happen under the umbrella of a loving sovereign mind or being.

The story of this Nigerian may resonate with some people but I believe what everyone wouldn’t deny is the doubt that exists in our minds–which we mostly try to quench or deny that the denial actually exists, no matter how highly infinitesimal it’s.

The God subject does well and becomes more interesting in the area of philosophy–perhaps because, the notion of God gained grounds or was created by philosophical minds before the religious joined in…

There are many times all of us have prayed to God, asking HIM or HER (for all these centuries, we can’t even make our mind up as to his sex–some say he’s sex-less but the scriptures portray him as one sex) and nothing happens, we mostly would conjure a reason as to why there was no answer–that He knows best.

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And sometimes when we pray and out of coincidence or “miracle” something happens, even if far from what we asked, we will say God answers prayers.

The truth of the matter is, we are not even truthful to ourselves–yet we claim to be searching for the truth.

A few weeks ago, someone came to me and said: Chris, you say there’s no God–how can you possibly know that or be sure about that.

I told her: I never said or believe that there’s no God–in fact, no one for certain can make that claims.

I believe that, based on the available evidence (which is a plausible assessment of valid arguments, proven theories, experiences, reasonable observations and testable proofs), it’s highly probable there’s no GOD.

So on a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 means for SURE, for 100 percent there’s a God (where most religious people sit or ought to sit) and 7 being for sure, for 100 percent, there’s no God–I am 6.

My confusion has always been with those who are 1–I have not met any reasonable mind that’s 7 yet.

As a human civilisation, we’ve only come this far not by any guidance from a celestial dictator (I don’t understand why the idea of such a person is welcoming to people even), we have gotten here through our desire to find out, try and error–and tackling the big questions on the head.

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Many years ago, we thought and for a minute were sure that the Sun moves around the earth–and that the earth was flat (the Bible even seems to claim so), but we know today, that’s wrong.

I love the asking mind, as opposed to the certain mind or that which cast out the doubt the moment it shows up.

Islam says Mohammed flew to “heaven” on a winged horse and Christianity says Jesus ascended to heaven un-aided. The amazing thing is, adherents of both faiths, just two out of the over 4000 faiths in the world, do not even agree with each other claim.

You may be religious but if you are true to yourself, you will accept that there are more questions than answers–and that in there somewhere, the doubt is there, even if you suppress it.

I therefore cannot understand how when more of the questions have not been answered, anyone can claim to be sure of it all, or claim to be in a “comfortable lead.”

Have a good Sunday!