Women Who Take Nude Photos Are Naive And Childish – Deputy Minister

Sometimes one can’t help but wonder what motivates a person to take N*ked pictures of themselves and send to someone they won’t trust with their lives. Sending nude photos and recording sex tapes seems to be a trend amongst young lovers of today. Even though more than half of the time these materials someway, somehow get leaked, young exhibitionists of our time seem not to mind the consequences of such actions.

Of course, there are those who do not give a hoot whether the whole world witnesses their nudity or not. But the majority of those whose nudes end up getting leaked suffer consequences after the fact. Some lose their jobs and get disowned by friends and family.

They become victims of sexual and physical abuse by perverts and idiots who think that seeing someone’s N*kedness online gives them a right to molest them in real life. The psychological trauma and self-esteem issues that result from such leaks makes taking and sending nudes in the first place not worth any of the consequences. But still every other day, nudes and sex tapes are leaked and you wonder why people never learn.

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Well, according to the Deputy Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Gifty Twum-Ampofo, taking nude pictures is a sign of naivety and childishness, and women who involve themselves in such acts need to grow up in order to avoid becoming victims of blackmail in the future. She said there are malicious and evil people out there who won’t miss an opportunity to take advantage of women who are naïve enough to respond positively to requests for their nudes.

In an interview with Akosua Sonto on “The Sonto Show” on Agoo TV, the Deputy Minister advised women to take care of their bodies because they are very precious in the sight of God. She explained that when a N*ked or sexual image of a person is shared without her consent in an attempt to humiliate or embarrass her, the law would take its course. But by then the victim would have already gone through untold psychological trauma.

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“Women just have to grow up in terms of what they’re taking and loading unto their phones and computer because the risk is so high”, she said. She urged parents to make it a point to keep an eye on their children and monitor their online activities in order to avoid being victims of such p**nographic revenge.