What’s Your Problem With Gay People?



Seriously, ask yourself: Why don’t you like gay people? Or homosexuals?

Does the thought of two male persons having intercourse make you sick? Does the thought of two females kissing each other on the mouth gross you out?

It’s funny how simple minded people choose to think when it comes to the issues of gay people. If the first thought of gay people is about sex and marriage, then you might have a problem.

The CEO of one of the most powerful tech companies in the world, which produces arguably the best smartphones on the market is publicly gay. Do you image Tim Cook having intercourse with his partner when you think of him or do you just see a man who is the head of one of the most innovative companies in the world?

Do you Anderson Cooper, a very high profile journalist for CNN is gay? Do you Michael Koors, the famous fashion designer that your girlfriend would kill to get a pair of his shoes and bags is gay? If fact, most of the famous designers are gay. Do you have a problem with all of them?

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So, what is your problem with their sexuality?

I don’t know why Manny Pacquiao would come out and publicly say he thinks same sex marriage is worse than animals. Seriously? How in the world is same sex marriage worse than animals? Sometimes, I think plain marriage is worse than animals. Abusive husbands, cheating wives, men marrying more than two women and a host of other problems are in regular marriage. But two couples of the same sex getting married is worse? Give me a break.

Churches constantly rebuking gay people is just the worse. I’ve read stories of families rejecting their children who come out as gay and not recognizing them as their child. Now churches do the same thing and reject members of their congregation who are gay. Why? I thought the Bible said love your neighbor. I don’t really think Jesus said, “Love your neighbor. Unless he or she is gay.” Sounds a bit hypocritical of churches and pastors to reject gay people, unless I’m mistaken.

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You might need to take a look at yourself in the mirror when it comes to the issue of gay people. You say it’s unnatural. But you might be wrong. In fact, scientists have found some species in the animal kingdom engage in same sex relationships. So if there are species like that, why can’t the same apply to humans?

You have no problems using iPhones and constantly buying new ones but you have a problem with the CEO’s sexuality? You need a reality check. Seriously, why do you care? How does that affect YOUR life?

Maybe you’re just homophobic and you just don’t realize it.

So let it go. Live your life and leave gay people alone.