We Are Wasting Prison Spaces Meant For Corrupt Officials On Homosexuals in Ghana



Two gentlemen, Amos Abuakwa, 23 and Percy Ansah, 18, have been arrested in Takoradi in the Western region for allegedly practising homosexuality, according to starrfmonline. The suspects were “caught” by two snitches with no other business to mind and alarm was raised.

The two aimless snitches, Benjamin Asare and Isaac Amankra, both students of the Takoradi Technical University, became suspicious when they heard sounds of ecstasy from two male voices coming from the room of one of the suspects, also a student of the aforementioned university. Instead of minding their business and going to read their books, they “caught” the two lovebirds, leading to them getting picked up by the police.

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In a country where our prison system is over-populated, you’d think we should be saving prison space for more heinous crimes like murder, corruption, rape, etc. But we choose to waste time hunting down two adult males for having consensual sex.

Ghana Police will tell you to run and hide when you call to report a burglary. Sometimes they will say they don’t have any vehicles to attend to emergencies, but immediately they hear two guys are doing “trumu trumu” they will rush to the scene, ready to arrest.

It’s rather funny how they think jail is the best place to keep homosexuals when jails are known to be the place where homosexuality is most practised. Now that we have a Special Prosecutor, we’ll be needing a lot of jail space to pack all the corrupt officials who have squandered our resources over the years.

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Two adults showing love to each other in private should be the least of our concerns as a country.