Superstition Meets Gullibility: Upper West Residents Claim To Have Seen A Virgin Mary Apparition. Here’s Why They Haven’t


There’s a big reason religion has stayed with us all the way from the infancy of our species, in one crude form or another, till this day – deep down, what we want more than anything else is to understand things.

All throughout history, from our earliest crude attempts at religions, jungle gods and agro gods and warrior gods, to the no less barbaric but more socially sanitised Christianity and Islam of today, what we have shown is that nine times out of ten, we would spring for a bad answer rather than be forced to live with no answer.

That’s why we’ve believed a lot of stupid things in the past, and continue to believe them today, because rather than live in terror of the unknown, we prefer forging our own answers. So we used to think the earth was flat, that the sun revolved around the earth, that the gods controlled the rain or earthquakes or tsunamis. These days, we believe we can speak make believe languages, that one man built a boat onto which he was able to fit two of every species of animal on earth, or that a prophet ascended to heaven on a flying donkey! (or a horse or something) Every time we didn’t/don’t understand something, we attribute it to the gods or conjure up our own answers, until scientific inquiry lifts the veil to reveal no God’s behind, but simple natural processes.

I precede with this intro because I feel the point cannot be made strong enough that if you look for something hard enough, nine times out of ten you would find it. We’re called pattern seeking mammals for a reason, and once you have a preconceived notion you can turn almost anything in this world to fit it. It’s why people always see what they want to see in places nothing exists, the face of the virgin mary in the sky or carved into a grotto, Jesus Christ on a tree, or on a piece of toast or cheese.

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Sometimes a case can be made of a resemblance to whatever publicly accepted image we have decided exists of this character, but more often than not, its people pushing their biases onto nothing really concrete. That’s what is happening with this supposed Virgin Mary find in the Upper West region.

According to Starrfmonline, residents of Gaa Muni, a portion of the Zongo community in the regional capital of Wa, has turned their area into a place of worship followed a ‘sighting’ of a Virgin Mary apparition.

The apparition was first spotted in the bulb of a street light in the area, and it has since become quite a famous avenue as people turn up to watch and venerate the mother of God.

The site writes….

A member of the Christian Mothers Association of the Catholic Church in Wa, Madam Mary Bayong told that the apparition is a sign that God is not happy with us.

She said, “This is to tell us that God is not happy with us. If you look at what we do these days, my son you will be sad. The stealing, robbery, killing and others…this is a message from God that we must repent from our sins”.

She disclosed that she had tried calling the Catholic Priests but she has not been successful with that and promised to inform them the next day.

Some individuals who were at the place started claiming that the apparition was speaking to them and giving them Bible quotations to deliver to the world. A young lady who fell to the ground and went into a trance claimed, the apparition had told her there would not be rains this season but that the people will not go hungry as God would provide for them.

One broadcaster in the area seemed to be the only dissenter. “This is just a shadow from the bulb.” He told the Starr regional correspondent. His view was not very popular.

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Has our willingness to be conned be any more apparent than in this story? People went to the lightbulb and already started hearing instructions from it, others interpreting what exactly it was God was telling them through that. Now you have to consider, if this is just a lightbulb – and whatever image can be gleaned from that lightbulb, it sure as hell ain’t a virgin Mary – then why are these people so convinced of the meaning that they are arbitrarily postulating?

This is why religion can never die, because it is just people making sh*t up in their heads and claiming it to be the divine will of God. When you’re willing to do that, you’ll find everything you are looking for – and nobody can ever convince you that it’s all just in your head.