Security Expert Claims The Ghana Police Service Doesn’t Need Help From The Military To Arrest The Recent Marathon Armed Robberies In The Country

Every day we wake up to the news of a robbery somewhere in Ghana, mostly involving casualties. The recent crop of armed robbers are too bold and impatient to wait till the dead of the night to operate and have resorted to broad daylight robbery.

Our state of security is hanging by a thread and our police service is ill-equipped to do anything about it. They claim they will die for Ghanaians in their attempts to keep the peace. But we don’t need them to die for us, we need them to protect us. Something they are failing woefully at thus far.

A police spokesperson speaking in an interview concerning the recent industrial area daylight robbery happily announced that the armed robbers are more sophisticated than the police and so it is hard to fight them. These guys obviously need all the help they can get. With people dying at the hands of ruthless robbers and putting the entire country in a state of unrest, there have been calls to involve the military in the crime-fighting effort to help the police where they fall short but a security expert thinks it is not a very good idea.

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Dr. Kwasi Aning, in an interview with Starr News has opined that it is a little too soon to involve the military. According to him, “It is not yet time for the military, bringing the military in is dangerous. It socializes the military; it makes them lose their aura of invisibility and being the very last force that we can resort to in times of crisis, we haven’t reached there yet… And we have been doing this gradually, where we are turning our military into a police force, doing policing duties which are not their fundamental primary function”.

He emphasized that the police can fight crime if well-resourced by the state. Maybe he is right, being a security expert and all. But don’t desperate times call for desperate measures? Maybe insisting the military maintain their “aura of invisibility” is the reason these robbers have become so bold, knowing they can out-sophisticate good old “Aban” and even grease their palms if they have to.

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Making the military visible everywhere will somehow reduce the bravado of these armed robbers and offer citizens a sense of security. We all know the military doesn’t play, and even the police tend to be on their best behavior around them. If we can’t use them in these dreadful times, them when again?