Saudi Arabia Still Living In 14th Century; Sentences Woman To Death For Adultery

Saudi arabia

Again, Saudi Arabia is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Saudi Arabia has sentenced a woman to death by stoning after she admitted committing adultery while working in the Arab kingdom. The married 45-year-old, who had worked as a maid in Riyadh since 2013, was convicted of adultery in August.

Her single partner, also a Sri Lankan migrant worker, was given a lesser punishment of 100 lashes.

Sri Lanka has urged Saudi Arabia to pardon the domestic worker. A spokesman for the bureau said it had hired lawyers to file an appeal, while the Foreign Ministry was negotiating separately for her to be reprieved.

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It’s funny to see how in the year 2015, a country wants to kill someone for an offense such as adultery. The fact that it is a woman who was sentenced to death while her male counterpart is just given 100 lashes speaks volume.

We are all wondering when Saudi Arabia will cease this nonsense of “stoning” to death and join the rest of the world in civility in cases like this.

We’ll wait and see…