The Return of the Fulani Nonsense | ‘Fulani Men Can Never Rape Ghanaian Women Because their Women Are More Beautiful’

Image File: Fulani Woman from Niger

Image File: Fulani Woman from Niger

It takes a lot of misguided balls and brains to make such absurd deductions—and pathetically, this is a repeat of what the national president of the Fulani community in Ghana, Prof Osman Barry said last year.

According to a report by ClassFm, a self-style security analyst in Ghana-Irbard Ibrahim has stated that, the unending allegations that some Fulani men have literally and metaphorically become dogs: raping Ghanaian women can never be true.

And they are simply not true because “Fulani women are more beautiful than Ghanaian women, and, so, there is no need for Fulani herdsmen to go raping Ghanaian women as always claimed by indigenes, who play host to the nomads.”

Of course the allegations just like many others could be false but it’s Irbard Ibrahim’s plagiarised reasoning that shocks my nerve and distorts such a worrying and yet important conversation.

Perhaps, both Prof Osman Barry and Irbard Ibrahim have no idea as to what the causes of rape are; and do not even know what they are talking about.

Reasonably, having a beautiful potential sex partner would mean you should not be interested in a less beautiful ones, let alone to rape the other—but it is not as simply as this, and since rape is unreasonable, this simplistic rational supposition shouldn’t be part of the conversation.

How would the two people explain to the world why some men with access to beautiful women commit the heinous crime of child-rape or why do married men with beautiful women by their side turn on innocent, under-developed and less beautiful young women?

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To reduce the rape conversation in any part of the world to something like this is repugnant, unintelligent and difficult to make sense out of.

Interestingly, this twisted logic is being horse-piped by men and yet it would be somewhat unfair to use the misogynistic traces to label them as such. However, at best, I can’t seem to find a reason why they would fall on such logic unless they are really misogynists or have no rape awareness—the former definitely seems plausible.

Just like Prof. Osman Barry said, Irbard Ibrahim is reported to have stated that Fulani women are “light-skinned and attractive,” and, therefore, it is unwarranted for their men to be constantly accused of raping the relatively not-so-beautiful Bantu-looking Ghanaian women.

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It’s even more preposterous as to how they came to a solid conclusion that Fulani women are more beautiful than Ghanaian women, the bedroom and premise of their twisted logic.

Prof Barry said, which Ibrahim seems to share the same view, that Fulani are “very elegant and beautiful women in Africa, south of the Sahara because they are not Negros.”

“They are a crossbreed of what we call the Caucasians: The white and the black put them together and they produced…the chocolate colour, the milk colour…Therefore, somebody with this nature and everything will not leave his beautiful wife, charming woman and very attractive complex colour and then go and chase another wife…for what reason.”

Even if I want to deal with the complex behavioural crime of rape as simple as the two have done and coat it in a similar dose of stupidity, and grant that what they said is the true measure of beauty for them—who said that’s the same for all the Fulani men accused of raping Ghanaian women?

Shockingly, as you may have noticed, Barry is a professor and a retired diplomat—yet, he seems to house a logic of a retard 3 year old.