Preacher Marries Pregnant 19-Year Old With Wife’s Approval; Jesus Wept

Preacher 19 year old wife

It always amuses me when people pick and choose what to believe and what not to believe in the Bible. In this case, the Bible says its OK to marry multiple women. How convenient when your second wife is a 19 year old who’s carrying your baby.

In Ohio, A 60 year old pastor (!) has married his 19-year-old girlfriend (!!) with the full support of his 44-year-old wife – and now his teen bride is pregnant (!!!).

Belinda, 44, and Reba, 19, claim to both be perfectly happy with a life of polygamy.

Rev. Miller and Belinda had talked about polygamy after their wedding seven years ago, but the idea became reality when they met Reba Kerfoot, whom he had known since she was a child.

The couple got close to Reba while volunteering at a soup kitchen and she moved in with them shortly after. Rev. Miller was a friend of Reba’s family and knew her when she was younger but claims he was surprised when they met again and she had become a woman.

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Rev. Miller added: ‘I’ve known Reba for a long time, then she moved away and I hadn’t seen her for years.

‘I caught something because she hugged me and I wanted to keep hugging her and I realised, wow, I’m really appreciating this woman’, Rev Miller said.

The pair married at Thom’s church just seven years after he had the exact same ceremony with Belinda.

If you’re done vomiting from reading this disgust, allow me to point how many things are wrong with this.

Firstly, this man met this 19 year old and hugged her and began to “like it” and appreciated how much of a woman she was. He should have just come out and said, “I thought she looked hot and I wanted to f*** her”. That would have made more sense.

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Secondly, I find it weird how he doesn’t realize that he basically cheated on his wife and had a baby with another woman. I think the Bible says something on that…

….something something adultery….

…something something coveting neighbors wife…..

People like to talk about how they’re Christians and they’re holy and all that but some fail to realize that they sometimes spew hypocrisy when they open their mouths and it’s worse when they justify it by using the Bible.

So if you’re done protesting about gay marriage and all those other things, how about you turn your attention to Rev Miller and his pregnant 19 year old wife.