Prayer Camps Will Be Recognized As Healthcare Providers Over Our Dead Bodies, Literally

There is nothing we won’t tolerate in this country (except homosexuality) in the name of religion, especially Christianity. Religious leaders have elevated themselves to the status of demigods, magicians, “seers”, professors, and even doctors. To the point where they have managed to brainwash some Ghanaians into believing that their ailments and sicknesses are spiritual, leading them to abandon the hospitals and look to prayer camps and self-acclaimed “physicians” for healing.

No one is arresting these charlatans for misleading their followers into their early graves, and so day in and day out they are armed with more bravado to deceive and are now making ridiculous demands. According to, prayer camps in the Eastern Region are asking to be recognized as part of the healthcare system. Their reason being so that they can be able to refer “clients” to healthcare facilities when the need arises.

According to them, people have a lot of faith in prayer camps and resort to visiting them for treatment of deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer and the like. This can be translated to mean that after failing to heal unsuspecting believers with their “holy water” and “miracle oils”, they want to be able to refer patients to the health facilities they should have gone to in the first place to die at the hands of qualified healthcare professionals who at this point can do very little to save their lives.In an attempt to find solutions to high defaulter rates in HIV treatment, the Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) organized a sensitization workshop for prophets, prophetesses, pastors, and leaders, where all these concerns were raised. According to the Chairman of the Manya Krobo Council of Churches, Prophet Isaiah Tetteh, “clients” refused to go to healthcare facilities for treatment and opted to seek healing in the prayer camps because of the hostile behavior towards them by health workers.

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A truckload of bullcrap, if you ask me. We all know the reason these gullible “clients” seek treatment in prayer camps is that they have been effectively brainwashed into believing their illnesses are caused by spiritual forces. They refuse to accept their diagnosis and reject medication in favor of prayers. As if prayers ever solved any problem in Ghana. In fact, if they did, Ghana would have been the best country next to heaven, because we pray about everything.

We pray against corruption, yet we remain amongst the most corrupt. We pray against diseases yet we die every day from them. We even have police praying against armed robbers instead of arming themselves. Our prayers never seem to yield any results, and yet we keep praying.

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If this nonsense request by the prayer camps is granted, we will end up with more dead bodies on our hands than we care to bury. And maybe that’s a good thing, so we can get to organize the funerals we so love to attend.