Officials Of Blount County In Tennessee Considering Resolution That Would Ask God To Spare Them When His Inevitable Wrath For Gay Marriage Hits The US


The failure of many officials in the world’s first truly secular nation to recognise the importance of keeping up the church/state barrier is simultaneously truly baffling and pathetically simple to grasp.

A case like this also illustrates quite often how religion can leave otherwise intelligent people (although that’s open to debate with these officials) doing some pretty dumb things. Thinking that taxpayer dollars are being wasted thinking up ways to avoid ‘God’s wrath’ is pretty hilarious and pathetic as well.

I think God has been proven pretty helpless in the past 2,000 years since Jesus resurrected and sent down a spirit to make grown a** people blather around like idiots claiming they were speaking other tongues. Since then he’s done nothing but lounge in the sky whilst the world has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Anyway, officials of Blount County Board of Commissioners in Tennessee would consider a resolution based on asking almighty Yahweh to spare them his incoming wrath on the US for legalising same s*x marriages.

According to The Raw Story, the resolution is titled “Resolution condemning judicial tyranny and petitioning God’s mercy. (Resolution 15-10-006)”

Apparently, some inferno similar to that on Sodom and Gomorrah is coming to America, and they would like to escape it. You see, it’s not their fault that gay marriage was legalised, but the fault of five lawless justices on the Supreme Court.

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So it wouldn’t be fair to God to punish them all for the faults of those old men in robes.



artist’s impression of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

“Federal judges have once again usurped powers not delegated to them, and have violated Reason, the Rule of Law and Natural Law by purporting to strike down State laws and acts of the People recognizing and protecting Natural Marriage,” the resolution reads.

“WE adopt this Resolution before God that He pass us by in His Coming Wrath and not destroy our County as He did Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighboring cities. As the Passover Lamb was a means of salvation to the ancient Children of Israel, so we stand upon the safety of the Lamb of God to save us, ” the resolution goes on.

“WE adopt this Resolution begging His favor in light of the fact that we have been forced to comply and recognize that the State of Tennessee, like so many other God-fearing States, MAY have fallen prey to a lawless judiciary in legalizing what God and the Bible expressly forbids.”

So grown a** men are seriously going to consider this, during a government meeting supposed to be geared towards finding ways of bettering the lives of their constituents. The level of delusion on play is staggering.

We are talking about a Southern state here, one that seceded in the Civil War so they can fight against the Union’s plans to end slavery. The centuries long practice that subjected a whole class of human beings to humiliation, subjugation, and degradation was not enough to rain down God’s wrath. The Holocaust was not enough to rain down God’s wrath. The Inquisition and the Crusades were not enough to call down God’s wrath. This must be one crazy God who can condone all this but flinch at the sight of two men or women having s*x (when they did not even invite him into their bedroom anyway).

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Maybe he condoned those other atrocities because they were all based on his word anyway. Slavery is legal and authorised in the Bible, the Jews as god-killers was an endorsed church doctrine for a long time that inspired the needed hatred for the holocaust; and he inquisition occurred in part because the bible clearly orders you to ‘suffer not a witch to live’, as well as the church’s paranoia against reason.

Maybe Yahweh really endorsed that, and his breaking point is gay marriage; in which case these guys might be onto something here. In that case I’ll welcome the wrath, because he’s no God worth worshipping anyway.

However, these guys are going to be disappointed when God fails to bring on his wrath. Because like I said, he been pretty impotent up in the sky since 33 AD.