A New World of N*kedness | S*xtapes, N*de Photos & Shocking Magazine Covers


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Some of us may not like the speed at which the world is moving—and I am definitely not talking about the cosmological expansion of the universe, rather the abysmal swift fall in what we once termed as ‘morality’.

I am one of the few who do not see morality as a plausible option in regulating the conduct of people, especially when we have robust and enforceable laws capable of achieving the optimum. But the essence of morality in our personal space where the law does not touch and does not have any intention to affect in the future I see cannot be underestimated.

That is, morality is a weaker vessel in public life and leaving anything important in that area of haphazard lifestyles to morality will leave us with unimaginable chaos—but in private life, morality is the only true gizmo capable of shaping our lives…

However, the world we find ourselves today has no legroom for morality and where the law cannot touch, ‘nothingness’ seems to exist—as though we left our conscience behind when the running water on whose current we are travelling came for us.

Without conscience in place, morality becomes a forgotten virtue—and without laws to prohibit, our actions have no limits, leaving us with no sense of personal accountability for our private actions.

It’s this lost of moral touch and the fading repression of conscience that has perfectly dumped us in a world of N*kedness, s*xtapes, n*de photos and shocking magazine covers—mostly orchestrated in our private rooms (within our personal rights) where the law dare not stretch its arms to.

The only intangible tool capable of stopping a person from recording a s*xtape or taking nude photos when the law cannot do so, is our conscience boxed into morality. But the increasing trend of everyone becoming part of the big N*ked world made easy by the hands of technology shows that, morality has lost its core place in human life—creating a vacuum of a long chain of undesirable consequence…

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For the millions of years we’ve been on this earth as an intelligent civilization, the conduct of sex has been the same—it has always been a private affair between two people governed by confidentiality, respect and implied oath of secrecy.

But what started as the devaluation of the importance of sex has quickly led us to diminishing the ‘consecrated’ nature of sex—to the extent that we record a lot of it and we are not in anyway held back by our conscience/morals. And remember, the law cannot regulate this…

Some few years ago and at the beginning of the moral evaporation era, it was pretty much a shock to many when the early sex tapes and nude photos emerged (through leaks and other means). The shock existed because some few people still held tight the concept of morality and their conscience came into play…

Today, nothing shocks anyone anymore when it comes to sextapes and nude photos—and it is not because we’ve seen enough or are used to it, but it is because the defining morals have been booted out. It’s no more a big deal and soon it will be acceptable to every degree—perhaps, until the law stops us from killing ourselves with such images and videos.

In principle, we can do anything in this world unless prohibited by the law but that does not mean, we should relegate morality in our private spheres to such a non-existent state, that we are free to do whatever, including publicizing sex and private moments either intentionally or recklessly.

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When I was young, it was close to impossible to find adult movies or nude photos of even p*rn stars, let alone of ‘private’ normal citizens. But today, we seem to have the N*kedness of ordinary people everywhere, more than those who were ridiculed for being part of an industry that we accused of having no regard for morality.

No one even watches the studio p*rn videos and photos anymore—and as a female friend recently said; “those are too fake; the amateur or homemade ones by private people which are out there are the real turn on.”

If we do not have any space for conscience in our private lives, we should reasonable expect the extension of this callous posture we’ve adopted in our public lives—and that is what we are seeing all over, on the magazine covers, music videos, daytime TV and in movies.

We are the age without a hold on what ought to be private and what ought to be public—and increasingly, the sacred veil behind which our human N*kedness lived for many years is being completely destroyed.

Interestingly, this is not a regional monkey business, it’s a global act. The meaning of sex and N*kedness on the streets of Amsterdam is no different to what it means in any suburb of Kigali.

It’s obvious that development, enlightenment, education and the many new ideas that we pride ourselves with today comes with a shake of some of the principles that define us but surely, these do not have to affect our core morals—the very things that separate us from the dogs and cats who will OPENLY f*ck the hell out of any while others watch.

On that level, the cats are even better/smarter than us…