‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ Review: Jason Statham Once Again is Too BadAss to Be Killed

Jason Statham in Mechanic: Resurrection

Jason Statham in Mechanic: Resurrection

British actor-Jason Statham is just not a great talent, even though many of the movies he has starred in fall short of his excellence, his unique individual brilliance has kept his contemporary action hero brand well in-tact.

Statham is like the Bruce Lee of guns and kicks: his speed, intelligence and strong ability to improvise never leave him pathetically vulnerable in the hands or camp of his enemies. Once again, he proves in ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’, a far better movie than its prequel-Mechanic, that he’s indeed the skilled killer.

‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ seals the disappointing holes of its antecedent but its storyline is still not super fascinating—it’s too direct and makes little use of the elements of suspense and surprise.

Nevertheless, the action is thrilling, brutal and flawlessly presented.

Arthur Bishop (played by Jason Statham), the killing mechanic had gone under the radar to live an ordinary life in Brazil, in attempt to leave behind his past in search for a peaceful non-violent fun.

But, a childhood frenemy-Craine (played by Sam Hazeldine) needed his skills and excellence, and therefore sent a bunch of men and a woman to persuade him to take up a super dangerous killing job.

A rejection of the contract killing offer turned into a roof top bar fight—that’s how the movie launches itself into its expected action mode.

Jason Statham and Jessica Alba

Jason Statham and Jessica Alba

With his many years of breaking noses and bones, Bishop serves his attackers a dose of his fast hands and legs—here, knocking off his attackers with unimaginable speed, the Jason Bourne style of quick take down.

Now that Bishop’s location and cover have been blown, he escapes to Thailand, still disinclined to take up the killing contract. There, a set-up which went wrong led him to save Gina (played by Jessica Alba).

Soon after Bishop fell in love with Gina, she is kidnapped. Bishop must kill the 3 highly protected “criminals” before Craine would let Gina go—meaning, Bishop must take the contract, and kill for love.

Bishop is needed for these killings because of a unique speciality: to make deaths appear as accidents.

The first to kill is an African warlord, who has cunningly camped himself in a high security prison, surrounded by shark infested ocean. Even in the prison yard, he is closely body guarded by his faithfuls. For Bishop to reach the warlord, he devices a plan and becomes a prisoner too.

Actor-Tommy Lee Jones in Mechanic: Resurrection

Actor-Tommy Lee Jones in Mechanic: Resurrection

In-between the killings, Bishop attempts to free Gina, so he could discontinue the contract killings and these attempts serve the viewer with a different layer of entertainment as bullets flew all around, anytime Bishop shown his face near Craine.

The second killing took place in Sydney with less collateral damage but the highly skilled Bishop had to climb a skyscraper to make it seem like an accident. The climbing was accident free—of course Bishop is too good to make any sort of mistake.

Actor-Tommy Lee Jones is one of Bishop’s target but how events unfolded between the two will not be as much interesting to the Jason fans as Statham having the chance to kick it with an equally great and fast actor like himself.

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At the end of the killings, Bishop added another person to the list and that’s Craine, who was still holding Gina a hostage. The final fight scenes were brutal as everyone was shooting at one person, Bishop. And even when his bullets run out, he’s good at improvising so he always finds a fitting alternative, to knock of the imminent threat.   

“Mechanic: Resurrection” is action packed, and even though Jessica Alba throws some few impactless punches, its Jason Statham who is too badass to be killed.

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