Holy Discrimination: Five Year Old Girl Kicked Out Of Christian School Because Her Parents Are Lesbian


Religious people always like to cry out about Christians being persecuted. Christians in the majority Christian nation the United States are baying about religious persecution because one of them was jailed for not doing the job she was elected to do.

Yet the actions carried out by this school, as far as I can tell, are legal. The school is able to turn away a student because of the s*xuality of her parents, not because of anything the girl has done. Treating others differently based on who they are as people is discrimination, as far as I’m aware.

So I would like to know how a class of people being persecuted can get away with such an action? Those doing the persecution must not be doing a very good job.

A five year old girl (name withheld) was kicked out of Mt Erie Christian School in San Diego because her parents are lesbian.

The girl had attended pre school and summer camps at the school, but mere days before the start of the term, the parents were informed their daughter could not attend the school.

They were informed the school could not accept their daughter any longer because they do not ‘condone homos*xuality’

The two parents, Sheena and LaShaune, said they were devastated at the news. Sheena attended a meeting where the decision was communicated to them.



“I didn’t finish the conversation with them when they took us in the room because I just, I didn’t want to look at them any longer,” she told television station 10news, which investigated the story.

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“What does our family life have to with anyone else? No one’s going to be in danger.”

The news station obtained a copy of the private school’s policies, which say that gay, lesbian or people of ‘alternative gender’ are not welcome.

It says the school can refuse admission to applicant or current pupils who are “living in, condoning or supporting s*xual immorality; practicing homos*xual lifestyle or alternative gender identity; promoting such practices; or otherwise having the inability to support the moral principles of the school.”

This definition is so broad it would be interesting to see if they really follow it, or just whip it out when they want to discriminate against gays. S*xual immorality, according to the bible would encompass all s*xual activity outside the confines of marriage.

Are there any kids from divorced homes in the school? What about kids with single moms? When a kid is being brought to the school do they check to make sure both parents were married under the lord’s banner before that child was brought forth?

I suspect they do not exactly carry out all these checks. So once again the hypocrisy and double standards of the religious bubbles straight to the surface. It’s not exactly a matter of principles, it’s just that ‘we do not like those gay people so let’s get rid of them’. When it comes to other rules of the bible Christians can be pretty lax in adhering to them too.

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Which is why Kim Davis could have the kind of past she has, and she is still living in sin according to the bible; but would then turn around and condemn others for not living by the same standards she herself is not living by!

And seriously, a five year old? They are so fixated on making a point to the parents that they practically care less about how the little girl might react to it. Her parents would probably have to lie to her to minimise any danger such discrimination, if she was made aware of, would cause to her.

According to the Daily Mail, Mt Erie is not state funded and is a private school, meaning it can bar pupils based on religious beliefs under the First Amendment. Under any other circumstance discrimination would be unacceptable, but couched in religious beliefs it is actually protected by the law.

Religion, continues to hold a revered pouch which it does not deserve and certainly has not earned in public discourse. Which is why it rankles that on top of incidents like this anyone can make that absurd claim that Christians are being persecuted.