And A Ghanaian Celebrity Gave Her Unwary Partner Gonorrhoea—Which Caused the Breakup of Their Relationship, Guess Who?

Guess Who: Zero Fact

A source who’s a friend of a Ghanaian movie star has told BrutallyUncensored.Com’s ZeroFact team how the now popular actor’s girlfriend, who he was planning to marry caused their relationship to come to an unexpected end—after the actor was diagnosed as having STI, Gonorrhoea.

The actor who said at the time that he had not knocked any side chicks since his relationship with the actress who has “S” starting one of her names was more than certain that the infection was graciously given to him by his “ungodly” girlfriend.

“It took weeks of treatments and check-ups after the diagnosis before ‘Opana’ got rid of that infection and despite [namewitheld’s] endless denial that she was the carrier, he said he couldn’t trust her again and ended the relationship,” the friend stated.

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Unless ‘Opana’ could have contracted Gonorrhoea from appearing on Youtube, he couldn’t figure out how else he got the infection but for unknown frolics of his girlfriend, the source added.

The two celebrities starred in a TV series featuring a tall list of other non-movie stars.

Your guess of who that bitch is, is probably right–but we wouldn’t be able to confirm that for you.