Children of Lawyer Joe Debrah Say They’ve Long DISOWNED Him for Abuse & Cruelty Towards Them and Yet He Continues to ‘’Abuse Process’ to Harass Them

Joe Debrah

Joe Debrah of 1st Law in Adabraka, Accra threw his ex-wife and two young children out, forfeited all his responsibilities towards them and compounded the difficulties they faced with multiple lawsuits against them, his two children and wife have stated.

The children, now 19 and 17 years, in 2012 openly “disowned” their father and wrote to the Spectator newspaper to publish a letter which stated that they did not want anything to do with the lawyer—because of not just the above, but also how he has abused them.

In a Facebook LIVE conversation with the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, the 19-year-old son of Joe Debrah, Emmanuel Debrah, recounted how about 5 years ago, his father took him and his junior brother- Matthew Addae Mensah to a beach at Anomaba in the Central Region of Ghana and asked the two of them to kiss his then 18-year-old girlfriend in his presence.

Emmanuel said he felt terrible and though he refused, his much younger brother was made to do it.

Newspaper publication

According to Emmanuel Debrah, that was just the beginning of worst to come: around the same time, their father took them out of school and Accra where they lived and placed them in an Orphanage school many miles away, under poor living conditions.

As a lawyer, Joe Debrah is said to have frustrated and harassed the mother of her children-Gladys Gyekyewaa and even the mother’s other family members to the extent that, he once filed a suit against about 6 of the mother’s family members and a friend—asking the court to prohibit all of them from having any sort of contact with the children who were living with their mother at the time.

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The story of the children who now grossly detest being called “sons of Joe Debrah” and their mother is deeply sad, albeit, shocking.

After Joe Debrah eventually stopped taking care of the children and ended his multiple lawsuits against them which come off as abuse of process, as he himself is said to have mostly failed to attend courts after filing the suits, the family lived in peace, characterised by financial hardship for about two years, claims the ex-wife.

Newspaper publication

Eventually, the ex-wife and the two children secured UK visas and relocated to the UK.

Prior to this, the ex-wife of Joe Debrah said, they did not hear from Joe Debrah and even though he had forfeited his parental responsibilities, she was exhausted from going to courts and was not in any position to file another suit to compel the lawyer of many lawsuits to honour his responsibilities.

But when Joe Debrah finally heard that they’ve relocated from Ghana to the UK, per the ex-wife’s account, all hell broke loose. The lawyer was back in action—he wrote to the British High Commission demanding to know on what grounds his family (which he had abandoned) were given visas to the UK without his consent, the wife said.

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And when he did not receive a satisfactory response from the High Commission, he is said to have gone to KLM—to ask why they allowed his two children to travel with their mother to the UK without his consent.

High Commission Letter

That wasn’t all: Ghana’s passport office was even dragged into it. Joe Debrah questioned them on why they issued a passport to his two children who had “disowned” him and their mother to leave the country, the ex-wife narrated.

After all that, it’s claimed that Joe Debrah sued the brother of the ex-wife who lives at Akim-Oda, alleging that he helped his ex-wife to traffic his children out of the country. It’s said that, as usual, he failed to appear in courts several times and the court threw out the claim, he brought.

And of course, the wife who was out the country was also sued in her absence for trafficking her own children out of Ghana—currently with a pending warrant on her name.

Though the family of Joe Debrah are several miles away from Ghana, they remain worried and in fear—and they say, the harassment from the lawyer has not stopped.

Check out the interview with Emmanuel Debrah and his mother below: