Brother James’ Ideal Woman | Must Be A Stay At Home Wife, Cook & Wash All His Dirty Stuff


You might have come across him at some point in time or the other. He is that one person who is always present at every church event in town. Our dear brother is most likely to be neatly dressed and could be easily confused for the pastor.

He likes to be heard and so it is of little wonder you see his name appearing in the list of guest speakers. He operates in a calm and confident manner as a faithful servant sure of his salvation.

He is not just everybody’s friend but also the people’s favourite as he is easy to talk and relate to. He has a good sense of humour and has never been seen in any argument of any sort. He has the voice of a public speaker. You know, that deep kind of voice which grabs your attention and keeps you mesmerised by his speech.

He always seems to be busy, in a hurry to some unknown destination to take care of some private business.  Twenty four hours is obviously not enough time in a day for him to get all that needs to be done. He is always smiling, but wouldn’t you do the exact same thing if you had such perfect set of teeth and a smile as cute as his?

But as they say, no man is perfect and my dear brother, no matter how close he is to perfection, is no exception. The sceptic in me just wouldn’t let me be and so I decided to get closer to him, in a bid to unravel the mystery behind this intriguing individual.

Yes he is African, but not from Ghana or Nigeria, or any of those over religious African countries giving the entire continent a bad reputation. O that reminds me…have you guys seen what I call the “sh3 nkom” video by our very own Bishop Obinim? My point is why not pray for a solution to the problem, instead of merely telling the person what is coming his way? Why did I come to you, if I could help myself?

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Anyway back to Bro James. I don’t want him getting “slightly” upset because the spotlight was off him for a brief second. James, sorry o, I mean Bro James, is quite short in stature, slightly taller than your typical dwarf. O but do not feel sorry for him, in fact if he was here tonight he would have told you the exact same thing, for what he lacks in height he surely does make up for it in the confidence department.

Bro James is “sexy and he knows it”….. I for once, wouldn’t be bit surprised, if he actually dances to this song in front of a full length mirror, in his room every blessed morning. But hey, to each his own.

I personally prefer a guy with confidence than one with none at all.. Ain’t nobody got time to be raising no little boy. You should know who you are. At least Bro James does, so much so, that he is of the opinion that he is the best thing that will ever happen to that lucky woman he chooses for a wife.

Since he mistakenly brought the marriage issue up, I decided to grab the opportunity and find out what he expected of his ideal woman. You should have been there to see him. Mr. man was in his element. I knew right there and then that I had opened Pandora’s box and there was no turning back.

My only hope was that I was somewhat prepared for what was surely coming my way. This is when the African in him comes out in full splendour. He says his woman must be a stay at home wife, so as to afford her the time to cook his favourite dishes for him, to wash his dirty clothing, and to basically be at his beck and call. Why? Well, first and foremost, it was he who paid her bride price, and not the other way around.

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That, this same him is the only one working day in and day out, so as to provide for her and the kids. With the last and most important point being the obvious fact that, he is the man of the house, and as such, it is within his rights, to expect her to behave like a good wife should as it’s culturally expected of her.

So what about her own dreams and aspirations I ask?  Her purpose, according to the book of James, is to assist him in building his dreams. He goes on to give me a biblical illustration, to solidify his point. Which is, that apart from Dorcas the prophet, you barely hear of women playing any prominent role in the Bible, and as such, ‘wifey’ should concentrate on minding the affairs of the home, and leave him to do the men’s job.

At this juncture, I felt that I had heard quite enough for one day, and literally had to bite my tongue before I blurted out words, and so I excused myself to go out for some fresh air, and to calm down.

To think that there are men in this day and age, educated ones for that matter, with such primitive ideas, was a little too much for me to bear. I pity the poor woman who falls prey to such a man. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

If there’s such a man, then his kind of woman must surely be out there somewhere. Well as they say to each his own. So tell me who’s your ideal man or woman? And what role, if any at all, is he or she expected to play in your life?


Baabs says:

That’s ridiculous …

Maame Akosua says:

this is indeed ridiculous…i totally agree.

Tracy says:

Brother James need a wife from the caveman age. I have heard some men say things like this and I mostly roll my eyes and walk away. What kind of nonsense is this? A woman gets educated and leaves all her dreams behind to come support yours, to become a wife and just clean your shit because she married you? I guess the queue at the sp*rm bank will get longer and longer these days. No woman is taking this crap anymore

Miss Leila says:

Issues like this annoy me alot, Bro James smh typical African man with a typical African mentality, kmt he paid for her bride price yes but that does not mean he bought her, saaaaaaaa kmt, yes she must cook.and clean but the way he put it comes across as.if he paid for her to come.and work in his house and f**k her too, African men must give woman the.respect and stop seeing us as commodities they bought from the market

Tracy says:

How much do men even pay for bride price nowadays? Most of them pay for nothing and most of them get the woman to pay for the wedding even yet they come with ridiculous demands.

Miss Leila says:

If you a man and you have this kind of mentality you will drive your wife away it’s as simple as that

Miss Leila says:

Some even take the women on credit, some pay half of the bride price