#BlackLivesMatter: Black Man-Philando Castile Who Was Shot in United States By Police After A Traffic Pull Over Dies + the Aftermath of the Shooting Was Captured On Camera (VIDEO)

Image taken from Facebook of Philando Castile

Image taken from Facebook of Philando Castile

It’s increasingly becoming scary to live in United States as a black man, considering how white police officers are gunning down black men.

This is one of the usual police brutalities which have recently become rampant in United States, except that the aftermath of the shooting was shockingly live streamed on Facebook for the world to see by the girlfriend of the victim.

Per the girlfriend’s video account and police’s confirmation, a suburban Minneapolis police officer on Wednesday during a traffic stop ended up shooting a black man-Philando Castile.

The girlfriend in the video making rounds on the internet said her boyfriend had been reaching for his licence from his wallet after the police requested to see it.

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Relatives and friends have confirmed Philando Castile, 32, a cafeteria supervisor at a school in St. Paul school district has died from the shooting injuries after he was rushed to the hospital—and this has strongly rejuvenated the whole #blacklivesmatter campaign, both offline and online.

Check out the video below…