Big Brother Shower Hour | When African Women Voluntarily SIGN UP to Be Insulted & Taint Others #EndBBAShowerHour


big-brother-africaApart from the Big Brother concept providing pure entertainment for viewers all around the world, I do personally see any other genuine benefits this reality TV has—except of course to the eventual winner and to the few other participants who may come out with some sort of stardom subsequent to certain gross violations of their personal dignity.

For the purpose of this discussion, I will narrow down the in-house happenings of the many versions of Big Brother to the one we have in Africa, popularly called Big Brother Africa (BBA) which has become an annual ‘something’ to look up to on the continent.

If you are one of the few people who think like me, you may probably have asked yourself what may push someone to be part of this sort of human experiment—that is what it is to me, and nothing more. Except that one person is given a chunk sum of money at the end of the experiment by virtue of the fact that people at their homes have voted for this person as the best in that experiment.

Do not be misled by the amount of dollars the organisers give out to the ultimate winner, the reality TV show is certainly one of the many tacky modern day businesses, being run by certain ‘smart’ people who may have more respect for money than other human beings.

I wouldn’t wholly blame the organizers for staging this unworthy human experiment which basically cages human beings (let’s say desperate human beings) in a house, and place cameras all around the house just for others to relax at their homes and watch these human beings live. Personally, I even struggle to find what is entertaining about watching other human beings sleep or just do whatever they do for about 2-3 months.

But the above is a decision individuals should be allowed to take—as to how they want to use their time, useful or for such things.

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My real worry springs from how EXPLOITATIVE organizers of Big Brother Africa have become—and since I am a woman, I will take keen interest in how the integrity of female housemates is uninterrupted disrespected as part of the entertainment the show brings to viewers.

There is this bit of Big Brother Africa called-Shower Hour and this basically is; cameras are also put in the bathrooms for viewers to see the housemates take their shower. And interestingly, each year women participants despite knowing of these cameras take their showers totally NAKED—unmoved by morals or the disgraceful fact that the whole world may be watching.

Perhaps you will need to see a video from the shower hour (provided below) and you will clearly understand the sort of disrespect that these women allow themselves to be part of—all for this thing called fame or money.

I call the Big Brother Africa shower hour exploitative and a violation of a person’s integrity due to the fact that, the organizers sell this shower hour videos/footage at a premium price. So to see the shower hour sessions (special part of the reality TV), you have to pay extra money. I wonder what is special about watching women with all their b**b and choochie out showering—except for the perverts and also to serve as homemade p*rn.

I wouldn’t want to shift the blame to the huge number of viewers who pay to watch the Shower Hour and out of my head, I will presume most of these viewers are men—of course they ought to be.

The blame majorly rests on the women who willingly sign-up to be part of this competition, knowing that their womanhood will be traded to the highest bidder and their shower sessions will become home p*rn on the phones and tablets of almost every African.

Since the organizers seem to have no conscience, you cannot expect any sort of moral consensus with them being part of it that; selling the N*kedness of other human beings, especially women who have been lured into such ‘nonsense’ with money or promise of fame is plainly WRONG, no matter the financial gains.

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For how long would women especially African women allow ourselves to be totally ridiculed and be subjected to such gross contempt—in a bid to become rich or famous? The ultimate prize mostly goes to one person but more than one woman will have to show their private bodies and allow them to be sold; so that one person can win some money?

Even if you win the final cash prize, what is the difference between you and the popular p*rn star—-maybe you didn’t have sex on full camera (which some do while in the house) but you have nothing private about your body anymore, just like the p*rn stars.

And it wouldn’t surprise me that on top of the big organizing company and sponsoring companies of the Big Brother Africa are men with daughters and sisters—yet the profit motive is so tempting that they do not care about the image of the African woman.

Poverty and desperate desires for fame or whatever can make a person do the most shocking thing in life—but to willingly sign a paper to have your personal integrity violated and the violation sold to others in this way is beyond pathetic. It’s insane…

If all the female participants request that until the cameras are taken from the bathroom they would not participate, I assure you that this will be done—else, the organisers can cage the men only which people will not bother watching.

But who is that bold person to initiate this? Perhaps we can start a campaign on social media by sharing this article with the harshtag; #EndBBAShowerHour .Maybe we will get heard and this calculated violation and disrespect of the African woman would STOP.


John Vardis says:

The Love for Money..

AkosuaGhana says:

I dont really get what African has become nowadays. So these women have no shame and even if no respect for themselves what about their family? This is so sad for Africa

Swoosh says:

Well u r ryt tho. But do u realise the amount of cleavage u also have in ur profile picture? Just by the way tho but its lovely. I don’t agree with having guys ‘n gals bath together. The whole show is nonsense anyway but there’s no way the shower he is gonna be put down. Dats wat brings most money to the organisers as well as the sex scenes ‘n Kissing ‘n Ada romantic scenes

kidcarson says:

This is absolutely crazy….what is soo entertaining about this show.dammit

Miss Leila says:

Oh this is just wrong, then what, you don’t win smh,lol that boy was just having a blast enjoying the view, but seriously this why I don’t watch this show,they just reveal too much for nothing, it doesn’t take you showing your N*kedness on national TV Have some dignity woman!