Another Day, Another Disaster In A Shithole

We woke up once again to the unfortunate news that six people have been killed in a vehicular accident on 13th February, with several others injured. A sprinter bus is alleged to have lost control and veered into a concrete at Taifa junction. Passengers in the vehicle were trapped for a while before the Ghana Fire Service and Police Motor And Traffic Department arrived at the scene to rescue them.

The reason for the driver losing control of the vehicle has not been established, but according to an eyewitness who spoke to Joshua Kulenu of Adom News, the driver was on the phone when the unfortunate incident occurred, leaving him with a severe head injury.

Luckily for him, an ambulance arrived in time to whisk him and others who were injured to the hospital where they are responding to treatment. The deceased have been conveyed to the mortuary, according to the police.

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Another tragedy that could have been averted. Going by the eyewitness account implying that the driver was chatting on the phone while driving, there’s the need for him to face the full rigors of the law immediately after recovery. Such blatant disregard for human lives must not go unpunished.

Ghanaian drivers will disregard every single road safety rule in the book without recognizing that the lives of their passengers are in their hands. More often than not and rather, unfortunately, they end up escaping death while innocent passengers lose their lives. No wonder it is rumored that most of them use “juju” to safeguard their lives while on a journey. Because the way some of them drive while there are passengers in the car, you would think they have a death wish.

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Passengers need to speak up when drivers disregard road safety rules like careless overtaking, driving on the pedestrian side of the road in order to avoid traffic, answering phone calls or texting amongst other violations, for their own sake.

It is better to speak up and be saved than be nonchalant and end up losing your life while the driver’s “juju” saves him from death. And more often than not they go unpunished because people are hardly held accountable for their misdeeds in this country.