Yvonne Nelson INVADES Her Own Privacy–Who’s Going to Sue Her?

Yvonne Nelson

So Yvonne Nelson is about to show the world her pregnancy journey–allowing the camera into the deepest part of her world, irrespective of what many call privacy.

As I’ve always argued; celebrities such as Yvonne Nelson are hypocrites. They shout privacy, privacy, privacy when smart folks like myself go beyond the facade they serve, into their world.

But when it suits them, especially when they want to make MONEY, what was once called “privacy” becomes no more.

You cannot erect a privacy claim when someone writes or publishes photos or videos about your pregnancy and turn around a few months later, to publish or share the same things you once argued was private.

If indeed it was private, it ought to remain so.

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The legal test of privacy is not wholly subjective.

Of course, it’s never about privacy when it comes to attention seeking celebrities; it’s about control–they always want to control the conversation, serve filters to the world which people like myself make difficult by opposing that with the truth, the real them which they hate.

What many argued with their blood as falling under the scope of privacy is today on Youtube, being monetized by Yvonne Nelson herself.