When the Evil of Culture Finds Solace in Religion | Syrian Muslim Gang-Rape Victim Murdered in Germany Because Family Says She Was UNCLEAN

Rokstan M

Rokstan M

Any attempt to evacuate the touch of religion and culture from this conversation will be futile—for they are the grounds on which any person would find lame justifications in this atrocious act.

Gang-rape is evil enough to kill a young woman but a Syrian Muslim who survived this diabolical act unfortunately had a much bigger problem to deal with; her own family.

Reasonably, one would expect the family of a rape victim to rally behind her and offer her the needed support, capable of assisting in attempts to completely leave the past behind—but once again, culture mixed with religion came into play, offering this young Muslim’s family an iniquitous bag of twisted logic based on which she has been murdered.

A young Syrian woman-Rokstan M, 20, fled Syria to Germany after having been gang-raped, in hope for a new beginning but reports say, her family members trailed her to Germany and have murdered her out there—claiming, the rape made her unclean.

Police believe Rokstan “was stabbed to death by her father and brothers in the twisted logic that she had brought disgrace on her family through the sex attack” and her mother was a strong push for the murder, reports Daily Mail.

The father and brothers are wanted for questioning but are nowhere to be found—and according to reports, Rokstan who came to Germany about 2 years ago had been living in a house “for single women but returned to her family a few days before she was murdered and buried in a shallow grave.”

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Once again, another young Muslim girl has been killed by her own family under this shocking notion of ‘honor killing’ but this time in a western liberal country, Germany. With over a million Syrian refugees expected to make it into Germany this year, we will perhaps hear more of such religious and cultural barbarism taking place in the European country, regardless of Germany’s liberal ideas and laws which prohibit such nefarious acts.

Such killings fairly validate arguments that Germany ought to be careful with the Syria refugees intake—and that the huge cultural disparity would create unending problems, making countries like Saudi Arabia the perfect place for these Syrian Muslims.

Germany has taken the risk and has provided a safe haven for these Syrians who are fleeing ISIS but Rokstan’s family who also took hold of the kindness of Germany could not extend its ingrained humanity principle to their own daughter, when not out of her fault she supposedly disgraced them.

It’s beyond shock how any 21st century culture or religion could be use to justify killing a woman who has been raped—on the grounds that, the rape dented the reputation of her family. But then again, when it comes to religion and culture, reason gets thrown out the conversation and we seem to see nothing fundamentally wrong with such lack of rationale in these areas of human endeavour.

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If such savagely cruel act can be sanctioned by culture, well influenced by religion and yet we cannot collectively rise against the pillars which perpetuate it, then it’s not only religion or culture which has a great taint on its conscience but humanity too.

We pride ourselves as a great civilization but we frequently suspend our thinking faculties to pave way for all manner of villainous actions such as this to take shape, so that we can receive mercies and grace from a celestial father. That’s insane.

“Honor Killing’ exists today because of  our inability to eradicate certain culture tenets which are of no relevance, sometimes borrowed into religion. Though the United Nations in 2001 estimated that 5,000 women were victims of honor killings each year, the BBC says, “women’s advocacy groups, however, suspect that more than 20,000 women are killed worldwide each year.”

Before Rokstan’s death, she had made progressed with forgetting her past and had sought for a new life—in fact, “authorities say she was well integrated into society and worked as a translator for asylum seekers navigating their way through German bureaucracy.

This is someone who was deeply hurt by her own people, having gathered the courage to look beyond her pains and was helping her people who had managed to cross the border—yet, her own family had to murder her because of some ill-grounded religious/culture logic of being a disgrace to them.


manassehatsu says:

Do you still believe these monster should be allowed to enter the west. The best place for them is in another primitive and backward society like Saudi, Jordan and Yemen. The west should never take them in.