Wedding Photographer Rants Against Those Who Spend Their Entire Time At Weddings Taking Photos With Their Phones And Ruining The Experience


There is this awesome video I found online once, of a family at dinner who spent their entire time behind their smart phones, with no chit chat whatsoever.

And since there was a rule against using the devices, there were all inventing excuses to use them; such as knocking something down so you can type pretty fast for those few seconds you are retrieving whatever it is you knocked down.

The punchline came when the father himself did something similar- symbolising how ubiquitous the smart phone bug is- irrespective of age or status.

We have become a generation of largely desensitized people, spurning social activity for the world of virtual interactions. It has seeped into everything we do, so much so that at this point people at a social event spend all their time filming it rather than enjoying the experience.

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This new phenomenon has enraged a photographer so much that he posted an epic rant on Facebook bemoaning the practice. He got infuriated when he took a photo at a wedding ceremony; but people scrambling to take photos had blocked the groom’s view to the point he had to tilt his head to an angle to see his own bride walking down the aisle.

This pissed off Thomas Stewart, an Australian photographer who then went on an epic rant on Facebook. Because not only where these technology obsessed people stopping him from properly doing his job; they were robbing the wedding couple, the main reason anyone was at the wedding at the first place- of a very special moment.

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I think in this rant Thomas encapsulated a lot of the angst people have towards the kind of human beings today’s society is breeding. People more interested in the virtual representation of life as they can show off to others, rather than how things are in the real world. People who have little appreciation for the finer things in life.

This must be a wake-up call…