The Warped Logic Religion Can Sometimes Build Up- Islamic Cleric Justifies Why It’s Okay To Sleep With A Nine Year Old Girl

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The many ways religion as an institution can go wrong is well documented, by myself and many others on this site. It is a huge stain that people spend much time trying to deny, but which is there all the same.

Often but not always, the most oppressive elements of the human race; the s*xist, homophobic and misogynistic elements- are couched in religious edicts. This is because religion is a manifestation of culture, and people always find what they want to justify their prejudices in their holy texts.

There are many problems with Islam as a religion, its edicts and precepts originating as they do from a time far removed from this. This has led to a situation where some parts of the Muslim world have harsh laws that keep women and other minorities under the thumb of those in charge. Saudi Arabia must be the worst place in the world to be a woman.

And here in this video we can see the ridiculous justifications some people would have to go to, just to keep faithful to what they believe to be the interpretation of their religions. Islam not only allows men to take as many wives as they want, fathers are given a disproportionate level of power over their households, power which gives them the prerogative to set up a match for their children, even in this day and age.

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As if that was not restrictive enough, apparently you can betroth your daughter away immediately at puberty. Considering the greatest person in the religion, Prophet Mohammed, is said to have married a nine year old, you can understand why people who worship him would consider it a sort of precedent.

An Islamic cleric took his sweet time on a tv show explaining how and in what situation it would be okay for a grown man to get married to and have s*x with a nine year old girl. The leaps of logic and justification this man has to endure to make a case for such a obviously morally abhorrent position is certainly embarrassing, and downright dangerous.

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But he thinks he holds a mandate from God to hold this position, and he would defend that right to the death. So it is not even a matter of whether the belief can be defended in Islamic doctrine, which it can- but just that people holding certain beliefs as sacred opens the door for other people to hold whatever the hell they choose as sacred.

We need to agree to a new rule of engagement where everyone is entitled to believe what they want, but they cannot claim otherworldly justifications for them, and subsequently the rationale to call those ideas off limits. Around the anniversary of the massacre of the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo, this ignoramus reminds us very sharply- why satire and ridicule should remain a powerful and dare I say, sacred, tool.

How Islam Justifies sex with a 9 Year Old

Posted by Iranian atheist/agnostic movement on Wednesday, 6 January 2016