VIDEO: Another ‘Police Brutality’ Captured on Camera in USA | Black Teenager Beaten

Police America

The black down and the white police on top brutality which keeps shocking the world through social media—and has led to several protest across United States doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

This time, a jaywalking arrest attempt by police in the California City of Stockton escalated to the use of brutal force on a black teenager.

In a video which was posted on YouTube yesterday, a Stockton police officer is seen hitting the teenager several times with his baton before several other officers jumped in.

Witnesses at the scene told a Russia Today reporter that the unidentified cop who started the hitting was telling the teenager to sit down—perhaps to issue him a ticket for improperly crossing the street to catch a city bus. But when the teenager continued walking to his bus, the officer grabbed him and took out his baton. 

The shocking video captured by a bystander as usual starts with the police officer attempting to restrain the teenager—even that, the aggression is beyond measure. And then he started beating the teenager with a baton.

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A woman is heard shouting; “It’s a f**king kid, get off him. He’s been jaywalking! Leave him alone, he didn’t do anything wrong!”

Watch the video below…