Time for Another Strong Opposition Party in Ghana? | The NPP Has Become A Mad Political BULLDOG



The economic situation in Ghana is unbearable but far better than the political chaos being chiefly championed by the uncontrollable hooliganism within the New Patriotic Party (NPP)—the only strong opposition to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Politics has for many years been pigeonholed as a dirty game and today, we are seeing a true manifestation of this label in Ghana, which many western countries strive not to employ as a reflection of their understanding of politics.

It’s pretty shocking that a group of leaders of a political party who call themselves liberal democrats and are not even in power have plunged the whole country into some sort of bedlam—as a result of their bickering which has graduated into killings and harmful attacks.

We may not have realised, but for the last decade or more, Ghana has become a de facto two party state—with the NDC and NPP being the only viable parties when it comes to taking hold of the high power. At least, we had an option to switch when we got tired of one—and the out of power party made all the noise which sometimes got the ruling on its toes.

Today, the NPP which was the hope of millions of Ghanaians and the only strong opposition party has gone nuts; it has become a mad bulldog killing its own owners. Obviously, it wouldn’t spare a stranger and at this stage, no reasonable person should sharpen the teeth of this bulldog by according it a ruling power.

The hard truth is, if the NPP within the next few weeks does not permanently fix the nonsense hovering around their democrat claims, Ghana will become a multi-party state on paper but a one party state in practice. This is the time we need another strong opposition to emerge and allow the so called liberal democrat leaders to kill themselves with acid—as well as record each other when they even fart. Issues have moved beyond shocking, they’ve become completely foolish, eccentric and evil. 

The problem of the NPP is simple; a few have turn the political party into their private fiefdom—with others fighting to take a bite of a powerless political party that stands a good chance of losing the next election and the one after.

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What the f*ck is wrong with these so called leaders/executives of the NPP?

Even my African cats and American dogs have stopped fighting each other, and have found a reason to live in harmony so to be able to ‘steal’ the next meat I will mistakenly forget on the table. They all face one problem from the master; hunger and neglect—and they won’t kill each other for the master to continue with this.

Yet, a group of highly educated Ghanaians who have tasted power before cannot find just one reason to stay glue to their vision and allow whoever is capable of taking them from the board room of opposition to the headquarters of the ruling class to lead the party.

I freaking much do not care if these people kill themselves. If they want, they should camp themselves in a house with padlocks and open a killing gas to exterminate themselves. My problem lies with the fate of Ghanaians, the fact that we are literally being forced to endure unbearable hardship without any hope of anyone coming to salvage the situation, even if it’s for a while.

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The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) led by Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom seems like a party we can settle for, but it would have become viable if the multitude of Ghanaian illiterates who vote out of whatever and not when policies have been thoroughly considered are disenfranchised.

Since this wouldn’t happen and ‘who wins the next election’ will still not be determined by the few who can scrutinize matters, the PPP does not stand in as the needed hope. At least not for the next 4 decades…

For a party to win any election in Ghana, it must be able to play the acceptable electoral game backed up by a certain level of dishonesty—which the NDC and the NPP have mastered. The PPP does not have the needed structures to engage in that high level unethical but necessary battle, and it cannot mount the need political assault on its competitors to emerge as the over all winner.

So, for now, it’s either the NPP sits up and sluice out its troubles by throwing away the baby and the bath water even if necessary—or Ghanaians are doomed. The NPP may not be able to necessarily calm the hardship but at least, they put forward a bit of hope on the back of “you’ll never know until you have tried.” This hope is fast evaporating…

Perhaps, the meaning of ‘being a liberal democrat’ changed over night when I was snoring away.


Manassehatsu says:

The solution is for the small parties to come together and form the opposition. Their leaders will take turns leading the party every four years. CPP, PPP, akonfem party etc should United and give the NDC and NPP a run for their money.

Yeah a coalition will be the way forward—but can these far apart parties ever unite? That is another issue!

I Am That I Am says:

True talk. The NPP has totally lost its meaning and we need to all go for PPP. Even if PP can’t win any election next year, we can look forward to the next elections. This Alan and Akufo Addo divide in NPP will collapse the party