The Global Holy Robbery of the Poor | Singaporean Church Leaders Convicted Of Fraud In $23m Project to Turn Pastor’s Wife into Pop Star

Pastor's wife-Sun Ho performs under the stage name SUN aka Geisha

Pastor’s wife-Sun Ho performs under the stage name SUN aka Geisha

The community funded institution called-Church seems to make less impact in our societies today: it’s well positioned to benefit those at the top by ripping off those below—and it doesn’t matter where you find yourself in the world, it’s the same.

From Africa to Asia, leaders of this global institution that enjoys charitable status, pays no tax and continues to mostly take from its poor religious adherents are becoming overnight celebrities—living in huge mansions and flying around in private jets while their supporters continue to wallow in absolute poverty as they wait for the second coming of Christ.

It must take a lot of brainwashing and ignorance; it seems to me, for these leaders to be able to tear apart the pockets of their supporters in broad day light while enriching their own bank accounts and lifestyles without any sense of protest or redemption from the unending absurdity of constantly giving away with no obvious returns.

The church needs money to function and therefore people must pay out but at least, some measures of accountability and brainwork should be in place. For instance, if a pastor has 2 private jets and the church needs more money, what stops him from selling one and offering the money to the church—instead of taking from the destitute church members once again while promising them God’s favour?

And it’s not only the African or American pastors who do this—in fact; those in Singapore seem to take it to a different insane level.

According to reports, “Six leaders of a Singaporean “mega-church” have been convicted of a $36 million (£23 million) fraud after diverting the donations of disciples into a failed project to turn a pastor’s wife called Ho into a global rap music star.”

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Maybe it’s brainless on my part to ignore how smart and cunning these church leaders are, but even that, you must be deeply frail in the mind to support this pathetic use of church funds after it has come to light.

In court, Kong Hee, the founder and chief pastor of City Harvest Church, and five aides had a brilliant argument though it was dismissed by the judge. They claimed pumping the church’s money into turning the pastor’s wife into a pop star was legitimate—as they intend to “spread God’s word to the secular world by helping his wife break into US music market.”

It’s interesting and yet worrying that we’ve gotten to this stage in our civilisation where the mention of God’s name totally turns reasonable people into morons—incapable of evaluating things to pick out the obvious gibberish being served by those who claim to be the right hand men of God on this earth, backing their scams with Bronze Age books and mythology.

Actually, the pastor’s wife-Sun Ho, 43, whose stage name is ‘SUN aka Geisha’ is no different from Lady Gaga. She usually perform “sexually-charged lyrics in skimpily-clad outfits in series of glitzy music videos.”

In 2007, Sun Ho appeared in a music video with rapper and former Fugees’s star Wyclef Jean as part of her earlier attempts to break into the US market.

The Church Building

The Church Building of City Harvest Church

It’s frightening and somewhat wicked that religious leaders everywhere in the world are becoming less accountable to any human institution and as such are at full liberty to usurp the brains of their many credulous followers—and financially ripping them off.

It may interest you to know what, even in the face of the obvious fraud, the church members are backing their leaders, saying, the funds were used appropriately to finance a “crossover project” to position the pastor’s wife- Sun Ho as the public face and voice of a mission through pop music to reach non-believers overseas.

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The kool-aid these church members have been drinking must be pretty thick for them to still find this absurd venture worthy of any defence.

So far, Sun Ho has released five Mandarin language albums in Taiwan—and having been financed by the church, she moved to Los Angeles in 2009 so that she could break into the Hollywood music world but she had to return to Singapore because of the scandal.

The pastor and his criminal church leaders are yet to hear their sentences “but the offences of which the men were convicted carry long jail terms in a country that cracks down hard on financial crime” reports Telegraph.

“For criminal breach of trust, the maximum sentence is life imprisonment, while for falsifying accounts, the penalty is a maximum of 10 years in jail,” the website adds.

Judge See had this to say about the church leaders and their activities: “The accused persons chose to engage in covert operations and conspiratorial cover-ups.They contrived to create cover stories and clever round-trips concealing their unlawful conduct.”

What’s profoundly nerve-racking is not the fraud committed by these so called Men of God, but the unflinching support their followers who have been defrauded continue to offer them, even at this stage.

The wannabe global pop star wife of pastor-Kong took to her facebook to say: “Pastor Kong and I are humbled by the tremendous outpouring of love and support shown to us during this time. We thank you for your prayers.”

And guess what, the pop star was not accused of any wrongdoing in the venture.