A Survivor of June 3 Disaster Says “God Was Working That Night” | And I Say God Was Damn Drunk & Asleep

Agnes Mends- Armstrong

Agnes Mends- Armstrong

God must be a psychopath; a death-loving blood thirsty celestial father who sits in heaven and watches over His children—and in His infinite wisdom allowed the June 3 disaster which killed hundreds of Ghanaians including innocent children in Accra to freely happen.

For the divine purpose that, His glory and might would be well recognized—so that, people like Agnes Mends-Armstrong, one of the survivors of the horrific accident would come out a year later to glorify His greatness and excellent work that particular day.

To some of us, the concept of God is totally useless, a delusion that flourishes on the back of indoctrination, poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and the fear of the unknown.

But the least those who claim to hold faith in the existence of a celestial dictator, omnipresent and omnipotent, can do is not to present Him to the world as this powerful lunatic who would gladly kill hundreds or allow them to perish in fire so that a few others around would be saved to the glory of His name.

I do not only find it repugnant, but also insensitive that people like Agnes Mends-Armstrong think they are somewhat better people than the many who died on June 3—and that, God was surely at work that night by virtue of the fact that they did not burn even if many others did.

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It’s this sort of human arrogance that deepens the insane idea that we are some special creatures, and that the entire universe was created with us in mind; as children of  God— and every other animal like us is auxiliary to our existence. 

Agnes Mends-Armstrong’s absurd declaration, something most religious people do when found in similar situations does not take into considering the fact that many others died and somewhat places herself as a special person who was saved by God because of a certain divine purpose.

This is like a gunman walking into a school and killing all the children, but somehow, missed one—and the parents of this particular surviving child proudly saying, God was fully at work, that’s why their child was saved.

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Though Agnes Mends-Armstrong claims that God was at work, her current situation sort of confirms that, God is not even 100% efficient, because she needs glasses to be able to see. God couldn’t protect her eyes and has still not been able to fix it even after a year.

If you are sure your God exists, give Him some credit by not depicting Him as a lax supreme being—and the only reasonable way to do this is not to invoke His name when He has obviously and gravely failed to superlatively supervise.

For Agnes Mends-Armstrong, her survival, despite the many that died is a clear indication that “God Was Working That Night,” but to me, a complete assessment of everything that happened, evaluating the collateral damage which paved way just so that Mends-Armstrong and others would be saved suggests God “Was Damn Drunk & Asleep.” I hope you agree with his, because the plausible alternative is, God does not exist.

It’s only religion and perhaps politics that would make any rational human being make such a ridiculously insane statement.