Superstition And Ignorance At Its Peak: Four Women Beaten And Burned For Allegedly Being Witches In Papua New Guinea

Artist's impression of a burning at the stake

Artist’s impression of a burning at the stake

It is distressing incidents like these that clearly spell out the dangers of supernatural belief, of how dangerous it is to claim you hear voices in your head and you know they are from your god. In the face of such conviction logic and reason flies out the window; and the only evidence that matters are the voices in your head.

Incidents like these are why we need to keep pushing for the adoption of reason in every facet of life. It is why the false conviction of faith must give way to the true convictions of logic, reason, and empirical fact.

Because when you open that door to the supernatural, everything else is possible.

Four women are feeling the sting of ignorance and superstition in the islands of Papua New Guinea. The four were picked up by a gang of machete wielding men, accusing them of witchcraft. They were tortured, beaten, and then set on fire by these men who were convinced that they were witches who had stolen someone’s heart.

You won’t believe this; they claimed the theft had occurred invisibly; although how they can know it occurred and who did it if it was done invisibly was never explained.

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“A disturbing video has emerged that appears to show four women being tortured by a gang of men after being accused of witchcraft.” The Daily Mail reports.

“In the video, the women have been stripped N*ked, tied up, burned and beaten.

It also shows them being threatened with machetes while being questioned by the men.

The women were accused of sorcery after a young man fell ill in the village in Enga province in August

The suspects repeatedly deny the allegations, with one woman begging her attackers: ‘My son, stop it!’

A man replies: ‘Talk out, where did you put it? Burn her with the wire.’

Another woman says: ‘I’ve got nothing to do with it,’ says another woman. ‘I am a mother with five children.’

It is believed at least one woman died after the ordeal, but this has not been confirmed.”


Disturbing still from the video

Disturbing still from the video

This is barbarity in its highest order, with these self appointed exorcists brutally assaulting these poor women on a trumped up, ridiculous charge.

And the craziest part of all is; after the horrific beatings, torture, and possible murder of these poor women; the gang claimed the witches had put the heart back due to the beatings- therefore proving their guilt after all.

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With these kinds of invisible powers, it’s a surprise these women willingly submitted to the torture rather than just taking out those guys hearts out as well. It’s almost as if it’s a psychosis they have which they are projecting to use to cause harm to others.

This is said to be a widespread problem in Papua New Guinea, but it’s not just in that country. It happens in India a lot, as well as most parts of Africa, and Ghana is in no way exempt. In this 21st century, there are witch camps which operate in this country.

And I’m no pollster, but I can tell you majority of Ghanaians believe in this hocus pocus as well. After all, being religious is just a nice euphemism for ‘I believe in socially acceptable hocus pocus’; such as virgins giving birth and people living in whales for three days.



Supernatural nonsense, all supernatural nonsense; is dangerous precisely because it operates on a level we cannot test through our normal methods of ascertaining the veracity of claims. So anyone can make their bogus claim, and you really cannot challenge them; because it’s occurring on a level accessible to only the select few.

And in many, many, instances; it goes horribly wrong; just as it did for those poor ladies in Papua New Guinea.


AkosuaGhana says:

This is insane and stupid. But how come it is always women being subjected to this torture as witches mostly in Africa and other parts of Asia?

Where are the wizards? SMH