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Shocking Human Rights Abuse: A Ghanaian Woman Alleged to Have Stolen Some Money is Stripped And Nearly Killed With Beatings While Others Watch (VIDEO)

I have added a new category to BrutallyUncensored.Com titled ‘Human Rights in Ghana’—and I will be writing more on such unpardonable barbarism, not for the people to change because I don’t think they would. But for the outside world to know the sort of animals some Ghanaians are—and the unacceptable level of law enforcement we have in Ghana today.

It’s not just legally wrong to subject another person, in this case a woman, to inhumane and degrading treatment as seen in the video below, it’s also savagely, heinous and an indictment on the sort of civilisation we have achieved as a people.

Of course, it’s not the whole of Ghana doing this to the woman, but a lot more Ghanaians will see it and do nothing about it—not even share it.

I wish I did not have to post the video on here, but how else would I be able to show you the grave atrocity, torture and abuse our own people put another of our kind through, on the back of she having allegedly stolen 1100 GHS (about 200 pounds).

Slavery in America was characterised by widespread lynching in those days, today and as free people, we are not arbitrarily hanging others we consider as having committed a crime, a punishment influenced by the colour of the person’s skin—we are practising the worst form of mob justice, equal in measure to lynching.

In-between the seemingly inherent hostility or sheer viciousness of those degrading the woman in the video and the emptiness of our laws to bring them to book lies what seems like an opportunity for some to satisfy their sadistic motives.

Stripping a woman N*ked, spanking her and even putting your toe right down her vagina is not punishment, it denotes how diabolical these people are. And they are in our midst, they are part of us—they are proudly Ghanaians.

What’s the government going to do about this? As usual, nothing!

If this is our civilisation, most celebrated as Godly, then those who lived in the Palaeolithic area wouldn’t even be envious of our so called human progress.

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We live in a wicked world, but what’s in this video is out of this world—it’s offensively pathetic and the culprits wouldn’t pay for their crime in anyway so they will repeat it next time, somewhere else.

Just pray it’s not your sister, mother, friend, girlfriend or even wife.

What if she didn’t steal the money? Even if she stole it, don’t she deserve a fair trial and punishment?

[Report Human Rights Abuse to or via WhatsApp: +447837576037]

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Video Disclaimer: Do not watch this video if you have children looking at your screen–it’s grossly degrading.