Shatta Wale Receives 30,000 Dollars Which He Ignorantly Says No One Can Claim It Back

Shatta Wale

On a serious note, who advises Shatta Wale on his media interviews?

Without being contemptuous, I can say the guy is completely ignorant on a lot of things–perhaps, his brain-processor is like that of a 4-year-old child.

He actually said on radio that, someone gave him 30,000 dollars to perform at the CAF Awards which he didn’t show up because there was no contract–and that the person cannot come and take the 30,000 dollars back due to the absence of a contract.

That’s stupid and ignorant–and this is me being generous to him.

Oral contracts are equally legally binding. In fact, written contracts (the papers) are just evidence of what the terms are. They create certainty but are not in anyway superior to oral contracts.

Even in the absence of any oral or written contract (offer, acceptance, consideration and intention to create a legally binding contract), if someone gave you 30,000 dollars which is not a gift (because you’ve said so on radio), the person can just ask for his money back and failure to pay the money would fetch you a simple debt claim with interest and legal consequence.

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Do some of these people understand what a contract is even?

The ignorance in Ghana especially paraded in the media is very offensive.

Being a musician is not a licence to be lame.

Ghanaian entertainers make me want to throw out a lot. Which educated person will ever be erecting such insane arguments on public radio?

Some of these people make me feel like Einstein, solving E=MC2 in their faces.

Listen to the interview below…