Revealing That Ebony Was A Lesbian Is NOT Slandering Her Name

So Ghanacelebrities.Com revealed that the young lady who died with the late Ghanaian dancehall songstress Ebony Reigns in a gruesome accident on 9th February was actually her lesbian partner, and Ghanaians were up in arms about how we wouldn’t allow the girl to rest before proceeding to tarnish her image.

This kind of thinking stems from the fact that people view lesbianism as an evil act that shouldn’t be associated with those they love. And so revealing that our beloved late songstress was in an amorous relationship with someone of the same sex is somehow seen as a slight on her reputation and dent in her morality.

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These same people who wrote her off as an immoral charlatan in her lifetime suddenly see the need to “protect” her “image” now that she has no reason to give a hoot about what people think of who she f**ked. Such is the extent of the hypocrisy of Ghanaians.

At least Ebony died in the company of the person she chose to love. Hopefully, they’ll continue loving each other wherever it is they’re going from here. Meanwhile the judgmental assholes who see being a lesbian as a disgrace will end up dying alone and bitter, because the love of their life is of the same sex as them, but they’ll never get to experience that true love because they would rather be restricted by “morality”, “norms” and social constructs than go out there and explore all they can.

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Ebony liked a girl. She perished with her. Facts are facts. The fact that you’re blinded by homophobia doesn’t in any way make her less of the wonderful person she was. Seeing it as slander only exposes your level of thinking. And with that kind of shallowness, who will take you seriously anyway?