Religion is At the Wheel of Wickedness Once Again | A Court in Nigeria Sentences Cleric to Death for Blasphemy

Nigeri Sharia Court Officials

It’s absurd how the medieval crime of blasphemy continues to play strong roles in certain communities of a 21st century civilisation—notably in the self-acclaimed Islamic states or communities.

On the back of this crime, authorities who claim to be acting on behalf of a celestial father—be it the Islamic Allah or the rarely Christian God continue to kill others for saying a word or two which they think their merciful invisible father would found appalling.

The many times I’ve had people tell me they will have nothing to lose if they believe in the existence of God, that’s even if it turns out to be false on death, I’ve always pointed it to them that; what about the many we keep killing in the name of this God, the unending atrocities religion champions despite evidence showing it’s highly probable that Gods does not exist?

When it comes to killing people for hurting the feelings of God, the Islamic state of Saudi Arabic is a leader in this business—and it’s Sharia laws allow for some heinous acts to freely flourish. Just in 2015, Saudi Arabia carried out at least 157 executions, “with beheadings reaching their highest level in the kingdom in two decade.”

Running a whole country on the back of a primitive set of laws assumed to have been enacted for mankind by a God through a 7th century illiterate prophet is ridiculously pathetic, but to slaughter other human beings because of the lack of tolerance on the part of this God or for what they call blasphemy is supremely insane.

In Africa, Nigeria remains a bothersome country when it comes to religious zealotry and increasingly, Islamic teachings, ideas and justice seem to be gaining a shocking green light, quietly but progressive to operate without the elected government really doing much about it.

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Legal structures accord people a right to hold religious beliefs and manifest these beliefs, subject to the appropriate restrictions—and on the back of this right, it’s difficult to see how we can have a new derivative set of rights in a non Islamic state like Nigeria that gives religion the authority to sentence people to death for upsetting a particular deity.

But it’s is happening…

According to the BBC; “An Islamic court has sentenced a Nigerian cleric to death by hanging for insulting the Prophet Muhammad in the northern city of Kano.

Abdulazeez Dauda, popularly known as Abdul Inyass, was convicted after a trial held in secret to avoid protests.

Five of his followers were also sentenced to death last year.

These are the first death sentences for blasphemy handed down by a Nigerian Sharia court; those delivered for other offences have not been carried out.”

To have Sharia courts freely operate in democratic countries like Nigeria is shocking but the silence of the people somewhat shows that, this has come to stay—and woe unto anyone who insults a particular version of the God hypothesis or just unintentionally rub a finger on the nose of the faithful.


C. Hitchens

As a civilisation, we must be deranged to accept or even consider killing others for insulting a powerful God who is capable of punishing offenders himself—or opt to be governed by unfounded Sharia principles at a time the discourse centres most around autonomy, tolerance and free speech, including a right to offend the religious beliefs of others.

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We may moan about people believing in the existence of a God for its obvious absurdity, but if we are going to be hanged to death simply because our words disrespect this God that no one for sure even knows exists, then we ought to reconsider the tone of the dialogue.

Perhaps, we have to adjust our tolerance level too—and ensure that religion is put on its last legs.

It’s ironic for a justice system which is sourced out of a religion of peace or from a God of mercy to flourish in beheading and hanging human beings—lacking sympathy and tolerance, when compared to other known justice systems erected by a brutish human civilisation.

Mr Inyass who is a preacher at a local faction of the Tijaniya sect, founded in Senegal by Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse, which has a large following across West Africa’s crime is this;

“He was reported to have said that “Niasse was bigger than Prophet Muhammad” during a lecture at an event in May, leading to violent protests in the city.”

For this statement, 5 of his followers were sentence to death and he has also been sentenced to death by hanging. That’s what happens when religion takes the wheel of justice.

Christoper Hitchen’s was certainly right when he said “religion poisons everything.”