Queen Farcadi Tells Becca: Use Farcadi Skin Glow to Perfect Your Rough Bleaching

Ghanaian Social media prostitute, Queen Farcadi has asked Becca to use her skin glow product to perfect her bleaching.

Recent photos of Ghanaian singer-Becca seen on social media sort of suggest that she has bleached–as she has become super light.

Farcadi who has slowed down on her usual whoring business to start up a skin care company she calls Farcadi Skin Glow has advised musician Becca to purchase her products if only she wants to get a smooth skin.

Speaking to Farcadi she expressed her shock, saying she couldn’t recognise Becca and initially confused her for, Micheal Jackson.

Queen Farcadi shows her perfectly bleached skin

“In fact, when I saw the pictures I asked my business manager if that was Micheal Jackson but he asked me to look at it critically. I did and still couldn’t till he told me that is Becca. I had to take a look at her pictures on the internet before to confirm. Her nose is now pointed like that of Micheal Jackson and skin very on and off,” she told BrutallyUncensored.Com.

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She continued: “Becca looks like she is now half Ghanaian and half alien and she needs my cream badly” she added.

According to Farcadi, her bleaching cream “skin scrub” gets rid of dark spots and stretch marks giving the user the perfect skin he or she deserves.