P*rn University for Aspiring P*rn Stars Established

University Prn

Time is definitely moving fast—I don’t want to see the face of any parent whose son or daughter will come home to shout; I just got admission into ‘Porn University.’

An Italian p**n actor and director-Rocco Siffredi “is starting an academy to teach aspiring adult film actors and actresses the tricks of the trade — and aptly names his training session “Porn University,” reports NYDailyNews.

According to Perfil.com, the director with long industry experience and nicknamed “Italian Stallion” will document his adult training for newcomers and oldies who want to learn vital industry tricks in the reality show, “Universita del Porno,” to air in Italy.

Things are well structured—classes will take place on the set of “Siffredi Hard Academy,” in sessions and per each class, Rocco Siffredi, an industry veteran will teach and equip a group of 21 aspiring p**n stars on different techniques and tactics on how to become a convincing on screen p**n star.

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Here, he is looking to teach them how not to get viewers to spot that what’s happening is fake—the common “she is faking it” needs to be changed. Sometimes, it becomes too obvious.

Rocco Siffredi who has acted in over 1,300 adult movies has his students selected from thousands of applicants who are eager to tap into his industry knowledge in his 2 weeks session for the amateurs.