Who Are The Morons Advising The Ghana Police Service?

In the past week, a Police Officer got shot while at post, exposing once again the mediocre state of security in our beloved shithole. You’d think the next line of action would be to find ways of beefing up their security apparatus to prevent any such occurrences in the future.

But no. Our gallant protectors have chosen to pray instead. Yes, pray. Because prayers are the best way to prevent bullets from penetrating flesh. No, seriously. This is certainly the most moronic approach to fighting crime ever.

Prior to this, I had no idea the Police Service had a “Religious Affairs Directorate”. But apparently, they do. And they have decided to come together to massively pray against armed robbers. Classic Ghanaian foolishness.It will be very interesting if, during this prayer session, a bunch of criminals showed up and shot every single one of them. Will their prayers save them? We need to get serious as a country.

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If you ask me, I’d say we should ban religion, because it makes us act like a bunch of idiots and impairs our problem-solving skills.  We run to “God” for everything, praying when we should be working. We will keep going backwards till we realize prayers are just a waste of time.

As for me, I’ve lost all faith in these men and women who are tasked with protecting us. These bunch of religious zombies can’t protect themselves, and they definitely can’t protect me.