Modern Day Relationship Paradox: Miss FAKE in Search for A Real Man

Fake Everything

While we do not consider fake and real to be good friends because they hold contradictory charges, when it comes to modern day relationships, a large number of women seem to think they can exchange their total ‘fakness’ for the real deal .

That’s such an unfair trade but they don’t care and they appear to believe they are entitled to this.

The modern woman prides herself in insane quest to achieve perfection and with this journey comes all sort of artificial enhancements—from fake eye lashes to fake butts, and these days, the fake b**b are also on increase.

It takes a lot of guts to go to the market with fake products—with the hope that someone would fairly love to trade his genuine product for yours. That’s the modern day relationship paradox.

When you speak to most young women, they have great expectations and well defined wants. Many want to meet that young real man who has his sh*t together—and they say, they hate men who pretend, they can’t stand those fake guys.

But then a quick look at these women will throw their actual value right in front of you on the table. They would mostly have it well together; the fake hair, fake nails, fake eye lashes, fake b**b, fake bums and sometimes fake lips. Missing in the bowl of ingredients is that one most important thing—being REAL.

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Some would argue that the discussion on what’s real and not should go beyond appearance—so it should centre around the inner person; attitude, character and love. That’s great but what you first see when you meet a person goes a long way to influence your decissions.

In fact if the real deal is what’s beneath the body, then why do some women spend a hell lot of time and money to enhance the outside and little to better the inside? Surely, these women understand that it’s the physical being that does the initial talking.

A lot of things come together to define every human being with the person’s physical attributes sometimes playing little role in overall determination. But if you meet a human being whose total outlook is founded on several ‘fake stuffs’—then you cannot ignore the fact that what is being presented to you lacks any sort of authenticity.

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It gets worse if this ‘fake’ person somewhat demands that you should be real—and the only way they would appreciate a relationship with you is when you are absolutely genuine.

Look, it’s a free world and people are allowed to embrace their real selves or adopt any of the many fake enhancers. What’s not fair is to go on a search for a real man when your entire existing is built on fake products.

Since we cannot easily measure the genuineness of a person’s emotions or feelings, what’s real and what’s not remains confusing to most people—and the only guide we have is not to ignore what our eyes can see.

Any woman who insists on dating a real man should also insist on staying real—for no one is ready to trade his real self for fake enhancers.

If a person can comfortably live in absolute fakeness, this trait would probably transcend the physical outlook, deep into the core fabrics of her emotions and behaviour.