Why Do All Men Think They Are The Best Lovers?



Have you ever had a candid conversation with your man or any man about his sexual prowess? Candidly? How many women have ever told their men the honest truth about their performance in bed? Very few. Especially in Africa. Most women endure terrible lovers just because it is uncharacteristic of the African woman to say to her man or husband ‘’Dude, you are doing this totally wrong, Can we do it this other way so I can be pleasured too?’’ Better still, can you be bold enough to say to your lover ‘’Babe, you suck at this sex thing!’’

How many of you? Hardly any. And that is why so many if not all men go ahead thinking they are the best, especially after all our faked orgasms. It’s easier to fake an orgasm and be free, I have done this before!

And even with our generation being the age of enlightenment, many men still have reservations about a woman who is outspoken about what pleases her sexually. They will look at you with some double standard eyes like damn, why does she know so much? Maybe she is a whore—perhaps the easiest way to massage their own bruised egos at being terrible lovers.

Look, no one should be this unlucky! We need to be loved right. There are many conservative women who still have their limited sex game on point. Many African men believe sexual prowess is about how hard they can hit it. They get on or behind a woman or whichever way and go boom, boom, boom like Robocop on a gun and believe that how hard they hit is equal to how good they are. No buddy! Don’t just hit hard, hit right! Because usually, most women even hate rush and aggression on a regular day. As women my dears, we just want to be loved deeply from head to toe. We don’t want your sexing, we want your loving!

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I was talking to Bob this evening about oral sex and out of his mouth came the time old rugged, rubbish line of ‘’Girl I give the best mouth’’

I said yea, ‘’So says every man but your lady is probably rolling her eyes when you are not looking’’. I laughed so hard he was offended. But that is probably the truth.

Let me ask you, have you ever met a man who told you openly that his sex game is whack? No way! Every man will go on and on with how hot he is in bed. How he gives the best head and best sex but when the girls meet, we talk and when we talk we tell each other! And you know what, in your girls’ mind lies the truth.

While you are down there lapping away thinking you are giving the head of the century or thinking you are the super man of it all, she is rolling her eyes praying to God so that you can get done quickly. Because your game is whack! She might not tell you but she has told someone or the man she is cheating on you with.

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There is no guy I know, from casual friends, cousins and all who ever willingly agree or tell you that their sexual prowess in actually backward or in reverse. A guy will be down there behaving like he is the best thing since fried rice and chicken.

Meanwhile you have experienced so much better and you are just praying that he will b done quickly so you can advise yourself. Then he will go bragging about how he is the best.

All men think they have the golden rod. He will yap about his prowess and size and how he can tear it apart till the day you pull down his pants or hear from another person about his ‘Crayon’.

Why do men do this? Is it a thing of ego? Why not wait for the woman you are in bed with to candidly tell you the truth (she will if she is comfortable or she will lie and run away!) instead of blowing your own non-existent horn?

Like I said before, we don’t want your sexing, we want your loving! Learn how to do that right and let your receiver do the praising…

Now the question to my sisters is; what was your worst experience and were you able to tell him the truth?