Martin Amidu As Special Prosecutor: Batman the Vigilante Given A Licence to Kick A$$

Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu, who until today was widely called a “citizen vigilante”, a sort of Batman in Ghana, has been given a legal mandate to kick the asses of the bad guys.

The former Attorney General in the National Democratic Congress [NDC] administration has been named by the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo as the country’s first Special Prosecutor–and social media is flying with interesting comments of hope, for Ghana’s democracy.

The fact that such an office has been created, to prosecute all those who have stolen from the state in a small or “gargantuan” (a term Amidu made popular in Ghana) way is refreshing–but what’s even more exciting is the appointment of a man who seems to hunt corrupt officials for dinner.

Before his appointment, he even criticised the Special Prosecutor Bill in a 25-page paper, citing certain lapses, including a clause that sought to limit the Special Prosecutor to specific crimes.

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“The attempt to distinguish types of corruption offenses that may be investigated and prosecuted by the Special Prosecutor sends the clear message to Ghanaians that the President and his Government now accept that certain types of corruption offenses are not serious for prosecution or at least to be prosecuted by the Special Prosecutor,” he said.

He continued: “…the question may be asked, who will be responsible for investigating and prosecuting categories of corruption offences by the same public officers and politically exposed persons not meeting the standards in Clause 3 (4), or are they then immune from prosecution for such corruption offences?”

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The question is not whether he can live up to the expectation of the new office–for that, Ghanaians are confident that, he will be kicking all the needed butts, irrespective of political affiliations.

However, what remains unknown is; whose butt is he going to use for his inaugural lawsuit.

Woyome–on our mind!