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When it comes to sex, it is a known fact that couples have it more and more during their first few weeks of having access to each other—and this is not rocket science, when you get a new toy as a person, you play with it as much as you want until you get tired of it. This is exactly what happens.

Also, some men make it a point to have a specific number of sex with a woman before a certain date. One of my friends says, he targets about 300 banging in a month when he meets a new woman from the moment access is granted—and he does so to make sure his mark is felt and left. For this, he just keeps going—one after the one.

Whatever it is; it is obvious that the beginning is always the peak of things—that is when most women enjoy real orgasm and that is when most men perform best. Some men are ‘compelled’ to perform and with so many performance pills out there nowadays, I think women should check to ensure that, they are not going to be knocked out by a wonderful out of the planet performance. If it is too good to be true, then it surely is—except if the person is me.

For the women who have not had the pleasure to rejoice in the not so common multiple squirting experience, the beginning of a relationship is when this is likely to happen—and if you don’t grab that opportunity from the man, you may forever not be able to catch one.

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When considering the number of days couples must get under the sheet, experts in this field have different positions—with some advocating for everyday sex and others settling for 3 or 4 times a week but an everyday cuddle before sleep.

Despite the above, the reality of most long standing relationships is that, sex becomes a scarce commodity for couples and some even forget they are not doing it, especially when both are super busy chasing other time consuming things.

For couples who live apart for other convenient reasons and weekly or regularly see each other, the sex passion somewhat gets renewed anytime they are together—and for this, some have argued that creating this sort of ‘relationship distance’ is good for sex but can the same be said about the general wellbeing of the relationship?

When the sex binge time in a relationship is over and the man has proved himself worthy—and nowadays, the women take up the challenge to also show what they are made of, this is when the question; how many times a week is sex normal in relationship becomes relevant.

A clever answer to this question will bring into focus the sex drive or libido of the couples, especially the women as they’ve become the shot determinants in many relationships. But a working answer and capable of having real life effect on relationships will look at what must necessarily be done in the bedroom, even if interest is low to ensure that the relationship lives on.

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No matter how much we downplay the importance of sex in a relationship, it does hold things together and if you think I am lying about this; just as your Ex. Sex can settle a lot of things— temporal and permanent, and the more it has legs to stand on in a relationship, the higher the success.

For the many women I spoke to about this issue, sex serves as some sort of a magic super glue—and just like one said, that is why a decent woman does not open her legs for any man she meets. Even if you don’t like a man and you start sleeping with him regularly, the sex magically evokes some feeling and you begin to fall for him, she said.

The above perfectly explains why having a f*ck buddy mostly turn into something else—with the women wanting to turn the fun into something serious as the sex becomes good and time begins to fly.

Personally, I think each night of the week is an ideal/normal position and even if that becomes impractical, it should not be less than 4 times a week—3 good ones and perhaps 1 lazy-boring one for that night when you are all damn tired.

So the question I throw to you is this; how many TIMES a week is sex normal in relationship for you—and how many times are you currently doing it? Better step up because the game is changing…


Bayan says:

8 times a week is perfect , Monday Dawn before we both go to work and Monday night after dinner or before dinner ,Men forget that women need to heal down there ,so Tuesday is off ,on Wednesday you get it on twice on that day and Thursdays we off again ,so every other day which makes it 8times a week

8 times a week with healing times? Is the healing necessary if no injuries is being caused? Maybe, the rough tackles must be red carded.

Bayan says:

Lol Chris everyday sex definitely causes.bruise, the walls of the vagina are very sensitive and soft, a hard cock riding a vagina soo fast and hard,it would definitely be bruised, hence we should be allowed a day sex free to heal

Miss Leila says:

The healing is necessary unless You don’t want her to enjoy it