Invite Prophets Of Doom For Questioning Before Inviting Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale

One Prophet of Doom and Destruction has taken his parade to the wrong park, and now there is imminent fire on the mountain. Prophet E.K Mensah of Christ Vision Church based in Kumasi came out to “prophesy” that Charles Nii Armah Mensah aka Shatta Wale will lose his life by December if he doesn’t repent from his evil ways. Other “prophets” including an “Apostle” George Akoteng  and one “Prophet” Cosmos Walker Affran have also predicted doom for the “Freedom” hitmaker.

The leader of the Shatta Movement didn’t take the so-called prophecies in good faith. In the usual Shatta style, he released a Facebook video where he threatened to burn down the churches of any prophet who revealed any prophecy about his death. He stated that if he was still alive by December 2018 this year, he and his Shatta Movement will burn down their churches.

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I totally agree with him in burning the churches of these disaster-predicting con men parading as men of God. December is too far off. Burn them down now, let’s see if they’ll be able to predict that before it happens.

However, Ghana Police, who as usual will not focus on what’s really important, are alleged to be planning to invite Shatta Wale for questioning as a result of his “threat” to burn down the churches. So far he hasn’t been questioned yet, but if they really intend to go ahead, they should first round up every death-predicting prophet including Kaywa for thorough questioning and investigation on the source of their “divine sight”.

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If you “predict” someone’s death and they actually die, you should be liable to questioning for being an accomplice to an assassination. Till then the police should leave Shatta Wale alone. His life was threatened with a so-called prophecy, and his reaction is only natural.

Below is the video of Shatta Wale reacting to the prophecies.